Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Book Review: Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time: Photographs

Every so often, there's a book that pulls so tightly at your heart strings that you literally feel connected to it, a part of the story. That's exactly what happened with me when I opened Frozen in Time. The photographic narrative of a turbulent mother-daughter relationship inside of a terribly dilapidated farmhouse in Maine. Eager to reconnect and reconcile with her dying mother after a long estrangement, photographer Sarah C. Butler moved into the house her mother had allowed to nearly crumble around her, photographing the emotionally moving experience, and ultimately sharing it with us in Frozen in Time.

It's all at once beautiful and heart-wrenching. Rarely do you ever see something so intimately personal and at the same time, oddly nostalgic in coffee table books. It's a stunning visual tour de force that has absolutely mesmerized me, and I think it will do the same for you. Take a look: 

An exquisite book of photographs, but it's so much more than that. This is a book about the complex nature of relationships with our family, particularly our mothers, moving away from home, finding home, and reconciliation. It's a book about acceptance, of those who have harmed us, and of the harm we do to ourselves. It's a book about love, and the beauty that can be found in true understanding. 
A definite MUST have! Take a look and buy your copy via the Amazon link below:

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