Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free Music!!!

I'm a HUGE fan of music. I've been a singer since I can remember, heck - I probably sang my first words.

Because music is so important to me, I spend most of my time with music as the constant background of my life at home. As soon as I get home, I turn on music. It stays tuned through the evening, playing softly in the background until bed, a beautiful and lyrical narrator of sorts. I've never entertained with the television, but if I have people coming over, I have been known to spend hours putting together the perfect playlist for the evening and making sure that the volume is just right. 

I've downloaded thousands of songs from iTunes, and I've uploaded nearly all of my old CDs to my iTunes playlist as well, but one thing I recently found that I doubt I'll ever live without is Amazon Music Unlimited! Any song, anywhere, and it's so inexpensive.

This past Saturday I had a few friends over for drinks and games, and an Amazon guided playlist based on Adele, Florence and The Machine, Mumford and Sons, and Sade. It was perfect! Songs I had never heard before, artists I had never even been introduced to, things you DO NOT hear on the radio - all in keeping with the vibe I wanted for the evening, thanks to Amazon's perfect algorithm.

I didn't know anything about this until Saturday, and I have since had this going non-stop. I figured it was something I really should share for those of you who don't currently have an account. I'm on my free 30-day trial, and will definitely purchase going forward! Why not take the 30-day trial for yourself and see if it's as good a fit for you? 

I can promise you - I've never had a service that worked this well, and played at this quality. I've tried Pandora, iHeart Radio, and the new iTunes streaming service, but my winner has got to be Amazon Music Unlimited. 

Check it out! 

If you're still interested in books, they've been moved to the SHOP page here.

I'll be back a little later in the week with some updates at the apartment! See you then! 

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