Thursday, March 30, 2017

Paule Marrot - Jumping Off of a Bridge

Do you remember your mother or father saying to you "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?" Perhaps you have said that to your own children. It seems to be the standard parental retort to "but all my friends did it."

Design by Mark D. Sikes

I'm sure that many of you remember this photo. It was taken by Lonny for the feature that they did on Mark back in 2012. This was the black bedroom everyone loved, and the room that inspired me to paint my old bedroom black. During the redecoration of his house, he had this room swathed in Pierre Frey tree of life fabric.

Design by Mark D. Sikes 

The table and art was replaced by this large Chinoiserie Wedding Cabinet, but many people never forgot the graphic black and white art that was hanging there before the redo. The piece was a Paule Marrot print of original fabric designed by the artist, which you can still purchase through Natural Curiousities here for about $3,000. For those of you unfamiliar, Marrot was a Parisian textile designer whose fabrics gained wide popularity in the 1950s.  

Shortly after we learned that Mark was switching up things in his house, this photo showed up:

Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita Blog

Houston based designer and blogger Paloma Contreras, is very vocal about her friendship with Mark and how he has served as a mentor to her. She had a Marrot, the same as Mark's, over her sofa for her feature in Domino Magazine. 

Design by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler sold the same collection through his shop for a while, and here it is styled with his brass pieces and fabrics. 

Design by Susana Chango

Brooklyn designer Susana Chango used the Marrot in this open floor plan apartment. I actually really like the piece here.

Design by Martin Raffone Design / William Mcintosh Design

From Brooklyn to Marrakesh, the Marrot pops up in this sitting room designed by Martin Raffone, and featured in Elle Decor.

Here the Marrot is used for styling a photoshoot for Homes and Gardens magazine. 

Styling by Coco Republic 

And Australian design house and retail shop Coco Republic used it in the styling of an apartment they were commissioned to design in Australia.  
Design by Jahanna L Nichols Interior Design

Jahanna L. Nichols used it in her client's entry way, and below Nina Marie Nash uses it in her Atlanta shop.

Design by Nina Marie Nash

Design by Will Meyers

Looking a bit different, hung on it's side, Will Meyers hangs it in the kitchen of his Manhattan apartment.

Natural Curiosities Show Room

And here's what it looks like, hanging for sale in the Natural Curiosities showroom. But the Marrot in black and white isn't the only one that's being sold by Natural Curiosities and used by designers over and over and over again. 

Design by Barry Dixon

You might remember this House Beautiful cover room by Barry Dixon from way back in September of 2011. The art is Paule Marrot's "Feathers" and it's been used and photographed even more than the abstract. 

Design by Elizabeth Schmidt

Design by Jennifer Barron Interiors 

Design by Carrie Hatfield 

Design by Rob Stuart

Design by Tamara Eaton

Design by Suzanne Kasler 

Design by Mandy Rye of Waiting On Martha Blog 

Design by Maggie Cruz 

And the list honestly goes on, and on. I could take up pages of the blog with published images of these two pieces, but I won't. I think you get the point. My question to you is: would you do it? Just because everyone else has a Paule Marrot, do you need one, too? 


  1. No, I wouldn't do it. Makes it seem very ordinary.

  2. Never, you have way too much talent to be a follower. Find your own voice Artie. It will serve you well

  3. Because everyone owned one would be why I wouldn't want one.

  4. Okay, I'm lame--I'd love one.

  5. I like the look of both pieces but there are so many original pieces of art out there that would look beautiful in your space.

  6. I love black and white. I have a black and white den. And I do like the piece...but NO...if everyone else is doing it, I don't want to........

  7. If you have flair for interior design you do not need to copy . It is there .
    It all comes together slowly , step by step , along the way . Eyes always open for change , color , texture , light , combination , improvement , etc .
    Most people have not . So they copy , and play safe , and know I will look good because they have seen it somewhere .
    If you really like something get inspired , sure ! Try to achieve a look wich has the same " feeling " , but make it your very own . F