Thursday, June 22, 2017

Green with Envy

As many of you already know, I'm spend quite a bit of time on instagram. If you follow me, I thank you greatly! If you don't, you can here. The other day I came across the instagram of hrhduchessofstate and am green with envy over her amazing library dining room. Take a look:

On her instagram, HRH Duchess of State also known as Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor, shows off her Savannah townhouse and a variety of lavish tablescapes that she creates in her home and garden. This one was for this May's supper club dinner. A theme she titles "indochine". 

Yes, you're seeing goldfish in that centerpiece. Alexandra says this is her take on a koi pond. A lucite display box with a beautiful chinoiserie temple jar inside, filled with water ... a chic home for lucky little goldfish. Don't you think? 

It's actually a Behr color, from Home Depot called Emerald Forest (MQ4-49) so if you're curiously investigating the color for a green room of your own, look no further. Digging a little further back into her instagram, you can see that the room had a very different look not long ago:

The same room in Martha Stewart's "Driftwood Gray" which is no longer available. Sadly. If you're interested in seeing more of Alexandra's green dining room, or more of her beautiful tablescapes, follow along with me via her instagram here: HRH Duchess of State.

I'm off to buy a few gallons of paint! 

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  1. Dahhhling you are too kind! and looking at all the photos together, they make sure a beautiful photo story. Thank you for sharing my space.