Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Look for Less

I love getting your Look For Less requests. If you've sent one and I haven't covered it (there are a few I'm working on) don't worry - I will get to it! About a month ago I was sent this image by long time reader Renee. She asked: "Artie, do you know anything more about this picture? Any other views? Who decorated it? Any thoughts about how to do it on a budget?"

Here's what I know! 

That photo is from the architecture website of William T. Baker. The house was commissioned by the family and they then hired interior designer James Michael Howard (husband of designer Phoebe Howard) to decorate the Buckhead mansion for a prominent Atlanta doctors and their family. The house was actually featured in Veranda back in 2012, but with a bit of a different furniture layout:

It appears as though the family still lives there, no sales of the property have occurred since they built the house. And while the photography of the space occurred after it was decorated in 2010-2011, it still looks relevant and fresh - so I doubt they've changed it much. So, how can you grab the look for less? Here we go:

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