Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Look For Less - Mark D. Sikes' NEW Living Room Decor

My mailbox has been flooded lately with a lot of Look For Less requests. However, there's been one room that I've been sent TWELVE times, by 12 different readers.

Designer Mark D. Sikes as featured in Architectural Digest; Photo by Amy Neunsinger

It's really no surprise that people are still obsessed with Mark D. Sikes, and his home in the Hollywood Hills. When we first "met" Mark, it was through the highly praised cover feature of his home in a 2012 House Beautiful. Soon after he was designing for high end clients, and redid his home for a feature in Veranda. Now, the house has been redone for a third time in the space of 7 years for a feature in AD, something I'm sure was a long time goal for the designer. 

The new room is very different from the old, even though much of the furniture was reused and repurposed from other areas of the house. The sofa with its ruffled skirt for instance, was once used at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. The floral settee in front of the large picture window was wrapped in leather, used both in the dining room in the first decor, and in the living room in the second, paired with two English roll arm chairs - one we see here upholstered to match the sofa. 

New pieces in the space include very expensive, high-end Bonacina wicker chairs and ottoman, Galeries des Lampes floor lamps, a tuxedo/parsons coffee table from his own (now discontinued) line from Henredon, and bookcases that are exact copies of the late Oscar de la Renta's home in Punta Cana. They're even styled similarly

Oscar de la Renta Punta Cana Home featured in Vogue Magazine

Hundred of thousands of dollars went into the redesign of the house, and while there are other rooms that saw significant changes, this post is for those of you who asked about the living room in a look for less post. So we will stick to that! 

Here it is again. And here we go:

Above you'll find very similar pieces to the ones in the AD photo. However, you won't find the sofas. It's hard to replicate the sofa and chair. Nothing like that really exists on the market, and these were pieces Mark had that were customized to include the skirts. The closest thing you'll find for quick purchase are slipcovers

Frankly, having lived with both white slipcovered furniture and white upholstered furniture - I would urge you to take the slipcover route ANYWAY! Again, shopping this room is fairly easy if you're willing to make certain concessions - or if you have a large budget. There's nothing really out of reach, because beyond the art over the fireplace, there's nothing that hasn't been mass produced. It's a matter of budget, and certainly the pieces I've linked above are within the scope if you're looking to overhaul your space, or just add a few pieces here and there. 

And if you're not ready to make the leap, but wish you could have a little laid back California in your home, I highly recommend the Pacific candle from Wax & Wane candles. Small batch soy candles that are hand-poured into mason jars, provide a glorious scent throughout your home. This one smells nothing like the smog and marijuana of LA air, more like the fresh ocean breeze in a northern California jasmine field. A new favorite of mine. Try it out! 

That's all folks! See you soon! Now Go SHOPPING! 


  1. It figures - I can't be content with ordinary wicker. I have to fall in love with the "very expensive, high-end Bonacina wicker chairs and ottoman".

  2. Such a beautiful room. Which version is your favorite?! xxo

  3. I do hate that the gilt console is blocked. It should be in front of the back Window MARK! Jeez. Do I have to tell you everything MARK?!!!?!