Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Foyer : Lanterns

Foyers are typically small rooms, but one way to make a big impact in the room is with a light fixture of WOW material. One of my very favorite fixtures for a foyer is a lantern. In fact, in my own foyer, I used the Corinthian Iron Lantern from Shades of Light with silicone tipped bulbs.

Designer Credit: Artie Vanderpool - Buffalo Spree Home/Photographer: KC Kratt

P.S., check out that chair, will ya? I worked so hard making the slipcover and cushion for that thing!

Designer Credit: Artie Vanderpool

Found: At Home In Arkansas

Found: Decorpad

Designer Credit: Windsor Smith

Designer Credit: Alex Papachristidis

Designer Credit: Phoebe Howard

Found: Southern Accents

Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Designer Credit: Sally Wheat / Found: Cote de Texas

Tomorrow:  The Foyer : Console Tables


  1. What beautiful inspiration! I would KILL for a foyer with a ceiling high enough to hang a lantern... but alas.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Jalon

  2. Artie I adore lanterns and there are so many choices available!

    I have the same issue as Jalon; a low entry ceiling.

    Art by Karena

  3. I love lanterns. I have a vintage one in my foyer (12-foot ceilings) that I love. You did a great job, on that chair, by the way. Congratulations.


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