Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some New Decisions About The Blog, and FOYER WEEK

I have shared a lot of photos on this blog over the last 4 1/2 years, some of them I've taken of travels, our home, friends' homes and favorite stores ... but most of them have been found through hours and hours of scouring the internet. Most of the time, if I'm finding photos for a particular post, I will credit the photos immediately. Other times, I don't even think about it and by the time I find a post that the picture "fits" I forget where it came from!

Now that I've lost all of my saved images and have to start all over - I'm vowing to credit all of the photos you find on the blog that were not taken by me, to either the designer, the photographer, or the original site I found the photos on. This means a lot more work for me, but it ensures that credit is paid all the time, to those who deserve it.

Also, the Kitchen Month I did on the blog was by far the most successful month I ever had. I don't know if it was just because it was all about kitchens, or if it was because you knew that you could rely on the same topic each day, but over 100,000 readers tuned in this past February!! So, each week, the blog will have a "theme". It might be room types, colors, flowers, furniture styles, lighting ... heck, it could be baskets; but we'll start on Mondays and until Sunday you can bet that at 7:30am you'll find 10 inspiring photos about the same topic all week.

I'm getting a late start, but this week lets kick off our new theme with something most of us have and all of us find difficult to decorate:
THE FOYER : The Black Front Door

I am starting off Foyer Week with my favorite statement to the foyer, the piece that you touch before you ever see the room beyond, the front door. More specifically, a black front door:

Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Designer Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel

Designer Credit: Windsor Smith

Found: Elle Decor Lookbook

Designer Credit: Suzanne Dimma

Designer Credit: Stephen Knollenberg

Found: Southern Accents

Designer Credit: Tom Sheerer

Designer Credit: Vicente Wolf

Tomorrow - The Foyer: Lanterns


  1. Love the idea of continuing with the theme concept and also appreciate your extra time for the credits. It's always nice to know if you want to take a closer look at a particular designer. As always, looking forward to your future posts!

  2. There were many photos that I was interested in during your kitchen series, but no source or link-back was ever given, so it was impossible to find out more about the photo. So glad you will be crediting a source from now on. Not only is it polite to give credit where it is due, but not doing so could also be a violation of copyright laws. And with all the hoopla involving Pinterest and unauthorized photo copying, the possiblity of being held liable of illegal photo sharing is even higher. Look forward to more of your themed posts. :-) Sue

  3. Artie I love your new concept. Black front doors are so striking and I think, very elegant!! Beautiful examples!!

    Oh do come and see my latest ASCP projects!

    Art by Karena

  4. Hello Artie, Hope you are well. Just taking a look at all my favorite old blogs...it's been a long time since I've had time for blog reading. I just painted my exterior about a month ago and painted my front door black, love it!

    Hugs, B.

  5. Have always enjoyed your Blog my friend and will be looking forward to the new vision with anticipation.

    On the subject of black doors, though I don't have one myself (mine is a very dark Navy, (interior only and almost black) I have to say that I like them. On the other hand though, I think there is nothing more welcoming than a rich 'n warm colourful exterior door. -Brenda-

  6. Hi Artie! Love your new thoughts for the blog. It's nice to keep mixing things up over time. My front door is black, and I've been debating painting the inside-side of the door black, too. These are some great inspirations. Hope you are well :)

  7. i lost my motherboard a couple of months ago and i tell you it is kind of nice getting a fresh start.

    i'm wanting to grab a paintbrush right now and start painting my door black!

  8. These images are beautiful, Artie. I love the new format with week-long themes. I adored your kitchen posts and I know I will enjoy the new format. I am so sorry about what happened to your files. Good luck with stockpiling more images.
    All the best...Victoria

  9. I loved your kitchen series and think this theme idea is great. I too have started being very diligent with identifying images and crediting those involved. It makes sense.

  10. I love the outside of the front door black! And I love the inside of the front door black!!! (much more unusual!!!)

    In our last house; which I am going to do a few posts on; there were mahogany front doors. (It was a French Regency house......in Pasadena) brown doors were just dumb. I painted them black inside and out! I swear; some people thought I had committed an "original sin"!

    Unless we are dealing with an antique.....what is this phobia about painting wood???

    Love your idea of a theme. How on earth did you lose all your images?????? EEEEEEEK!

    I find it very confusing to credit photos. Does pinterest?


  11. The black doors are awesome but love all that goes with them too

  12. Artie,

    I love your blog, and I hope your not too down about losing all your images. It is amazing what you can find on pinterst. It won't be too long before your back up and going again with a million pictures to post and not enough time. Until I found out about the little image search tool, I found it really hard to credit photographs because so many blogs out there don't credit. So, I forced myself to put forth the extra time to find credit for many of the photos we feature. It is a tough job blogging. I know! It is not a walk in the park. What to write about, what to feature, and THEN crediting! Sheesh! It is a full time job, and I have no idea how people do a blog and work full time. Huge Blessings my friend! Meranda

  13. A foyer is a very important place! It is the first impression you get from the people living in the house!
    Beautiful images here! Thank you for sharing them! I love the idea to start with a weekly theme on your blog!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  14. Great foyers and I am sure that when people saw kitchens it made them look. I have more hits with a kitchen post than any and the links that features a kitchen at my weekly party get the most visits. Just something about kitchens.

  15. Those are some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture! It is nice to see that classy still has its place in furniture design. There is a great sense of culture in all of your photos. I love the variations of French style furniture as well as the Venetian pieces. These styles look amazing as the morning sun graces the fabric, highlighting the craftsmanship and accessories of the furniture. Thank you for sharing.