Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Inspiration ...

I've done my very level best to share with the readers and friends of this blog all of the inspirational designers and photos I have kept in clipping files, e-files, and short-term memory; so when I happened upon New York designer, Eric Cohler: I had to blog about it right away.

Attractive, talented, and full of creative genius, Cohler has been described as best of the best in the "next wave of designers in America." I've seen and admired the work of Cohler in several design magazines (House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and House and Garden) in the past, but it was recently brought to my attention by a good friend that he would be one of the 3 designers for the Traditional Home Show House to benefit Montauk Playhouse Community Center Foundation, in Montauk, NY.

For more information on the Traditional Home Show House in NY this November, click here.

I pulled only a few of Cohler's inspiring portfolio pieces to show you here, but you can view the entire portfolio on Cohler's site . While there, make sure to read Eric's impressive resume.

This hallway shot, looking into the bedroom is my personal favorite of all Cohler's portfolio pieces. The grasscloth and bamboo wallpaper, super dark finished walnut floors, and the architectural significance of the diamond paned french doors are a dream for anyone who luckily rests their head in this magnificent room. Exemplary of Cohler's affinity of mixing traditional with the unexpected, this room begs to be photographed, don't you think?

Here, in this family room/den - Cohler plays again with the unexpected themes of his design by adding the graphic geometric to the ceiling. Look familiar? What better than a massive representation of a scrabble board on the ceiling of a family room. Evokes feelings of my family's game nights, "Fun Family Friday".

Certainly, any decorator who is chosen to work with this architecture comes with high recommendations. Can't you see entertaining brunch at this very table? A carrot cake french toast served with fresh glazed pecan cream cheese and fresh melon? Perhaps that's what I love most about Cohler's fresh design - it's livable, friendly.

The choice of clear (Philip Starke) columns to allow the windows to remain the star of the show is the perfect touch. I am in love with the simple arrangement on the table, the reflection of glass upon glass upon glass, the connection with nature from both the architectural and interior design perspectives. You can see why Cohler is one of my very favorite design guru's.

We all long for this look, don't we? The infamous hall of pictures, each off-center from the rest, yet making this lovely geometric pattern people can't help but to notice. Cohler takes that geometric thought and moves it to the stair case runner, and even in the wall paper - though very little of it is seen.

It's these small touches, insignificant at the time, that create a beautiful finished product, capable of lasting through trends and cliche's.

And finally, another favorite. This feels like home to me, even though the space is clearly not anything like the architecture of our humble abode. But the textures, the layering, the juxtapose of large scale pieces, like the console and the woven basket against the small chair: it's home-like, cocooning, special.

I hope you get a chance to browse Cohler's site, and if you're in the NY area, I'll see you at the show house in November!


  1. Oh my goodness these photos are unbelivable... I am lovinmg them... Thank you for sharing...


  2. Wow...how cool would it be to have that much talent...or at least be able to afford to hire that much talent lol. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. I just spent a perfectly wonderful half hour looking at Cohler's website. Thanks Artie! I think you're the one who let us know about Phoebe Howard too, aren't you? What a couple of great talents. Would love to be in that show house! Lucky you. Take pictures for us, please?

  4. Love this designer. I had seen and admired a couple of these rooms in magazines, but had never seen that first pic, which is my fav of the ones you posted. I have studied it at length, and though I cannot tell you exactly what I love, I am SO engaged by that hallway and bedroom. Thank you for this posting. I'm going to go look at his site. Laurie (bargainhunr)

  5. Cohler has always been a fav of mine. The dining room you posted is in my files. It was pure genius to put black ties on those slipcovers.
    BTW, Love this blog. It's a daily read for me.

  6. I like your decorating more than Cohler's!

    Justine :o )

  7. I have to admit I am not a big fan of Cohler as I find his work is somewhat repetitious due to his signature of using geometrics again, and again.......and again. Personally Artie I feel you are far more creative and I second Justine's motion.
    Have fun at the Show House!!!!

  8. Amazing! I love them all, but my favorites are the hallway/bedroom and the eating space! Those doors are to die for!

    The eating space is unbelievable, he's brilliant. All the glass makes it seem like there's no separation between the room and the outdoors- and the urns look like they are floating. Thanks for sharing all of this! I truly love visiting your blog!

    I would love the tips on the artwork you mentioned and no, I didn't get an email from you with the pics of the RL space :( can you try again when you have time?

    Thanks! Isa

  9. thanks for sharing I will be looking at the site. I really love the first photo! This is why I never miss a day at your blog. vickydarnell

  10. Hi Artie,

    Yes, I too feel that this is the work of a great decorator. But when I look at some of these photos, I can't help but think of the work involved in keeping it clean. Sure... it's great when you have someone to do it for you, but I haven't been that lucky in life.
    I once had a wall of pictures on our stairway, in our old house, and when grand kids came along they were always getting knocked down or crooked. Even our wall of clocks, became a chore to take care of while I was working a full time job. Sorry, but most of these pictures only spell out work for me. True, these feelings may be more on my mind today, because I just spent the whole morning cleaning the living room, which houses our large wallunit and all it's glass shelves, and lots of molding to TRY to get the dust cloth into. But thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the tour.


  11. Thanks for introducing me to Cohler. I enjoy that shot of the bedroom, but I hate to tell you I just removed oodles of that grasscloth wallpaper from my foyer and lower level hallway. I really love those french doors though and dark walnut floors. ~ Robyn

  12. I absolutely love your style...and the driftwood ideas are amazing.