Sunday, November 23, 2008

And the Winner Is ...

Before I get started, I want to thank each of those who submitted your projects to the contest. I understand what it is to take things that you're so very proud of and submit them to be judged against others, and I have to tell you that even though so much creativity poured through every crevis of this blog this past week, I am saddened that I chose to do such a contest, as you all deserve a copy of the book. Unfortunately - there is only one to give away.

Rhoda, your lampshades, and all of your other projects you detail on your wonderful blog are so deserving of repetitive accolades. Lampshades are hard to recover, but you have done an amazing job - and made it look easy every step of the way. You inspired me, and many readers, and I hope to be able to show you the first Rhoda inspired lampshade here on Color Outside the Lines very soon.

Gary, (G in CT), your sink transformation was remarkable. You took the inspiration from quite possibly one of the most high end luxury modern sink makers of today and turned it into something that actually looked better than the model. (Sorry, stone forest!) Your clever re-use, ingenuity and eye for combining objects otherwise useless is uncanny. You have also inspired all of the readers of this blog, along with me and my partner Scott, and I hope that you seriously consider sharing more of your fabulous home with us here, at Color Outside the Lines.

Marian, (D), your headboard transformation is amazing. Forever more, I will look at headboards in a completely different way. You showed everyone that a little creativity, braun, and paint can turn the undesirable, into the covetable. Each and every one of your projects is a lesson for DIY homeowners, and I commend you for sharing those amazing transformations with us. You've garnered heavy praise from Color Outside the Lines readers, and it is absolutely deserved.

Vicky, my dear Vicky. You are one of the first people who believed and watched Color Outside the Lines, and one of my most dear and supportive readers. Your home is amazing, immaculately designed, and your professional quality DIY projects are awe inspiring. Scott is going to curse your name when I pull out all of the heavy equipment to copy those concrete countertops, but through all of that - know that you have inspired me, and hopefully, saved me a fortune!

And lastly, Meg - whose bargain finding prowess is better than mine and Scott's put together! Each of you have a wonderful eye and great sense of style, but again we can only have one winner, and that winner is: D, of D's Daydreams! Congratulations 'D', Marian! Your inventive re-use of the headboard has so many of the readers of Color Outside the Lines and myself in creative awe! Your various design projects around your beautiful home are just spectacular, and I hope that this book will help you as you search out other items to repurpose.

For G in CT, and Vicky Darnell - my other very close and very great projects, I'd like to give you a 1 year subscription to one of the magazines listed on the magazine give-a-way. Your projects were stunning, and I'm humbled to be in the presence of people with such creative minds, and gracious spirits! The both of you are inspirational, and motivational, and I'd like to thank you in the best way I know how, sans the book. So please, e-mail me with your choice and I'll make sure that it's ordered right away.

For everyone else, we are fastly approaching my 100th post, and the driftwood lamp give away. I hope that you're all as excited as I am, and that you'll all enter! Look for that and much much more in the days to come!


  1. Congrads to D at daydreams! You have inspired many!! vickydarnell

  2. And thanks Arie!!!! forgot to say that. vickydarnell

  3. Let me be the first to congratulate you D! I would never have thought of the headboard transformation - ever! Well deserved!

    G in CT

  4. Love this blog!!!!!!!!!

  5. congrats D!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!

  6. Congratulations, D!!!

    And to everyone that entered - thank you. I loved seeing the beautiful transformations that were results of your incredible imaginations and astounding creativity. You make the world a better place!

    Artie, I love your blog - everything about it. Your ideas, the way you write, the way you think, your kind and generous nature - You're a rare gem.


  7. Congrats to all who entered. Those were some very creative ideas which everyone can incorporate in their lives.

  8. Congats to all who entered and to "D" for winning... And a special thanks to Artie for holding the contest...Have a great day...


  9. Wow!!!!!! I didn't know....Robyn wrote on my blog and that's how I found out.
    I was thinking so much about how I'm going to continue my story line with Gollum, that I didn't check. :( I have never won anything!!! Well maybe the best posture contest in grammar school once, but no prize was given for that. LOL
    Thank you everyone for the kind words, it is very thoughtful of all of you, you'r a great bunch of people.
    But most of all a BIG, BIG, THANK YOU, to Artie. You give us all so much of YOURSELF and we all appreciate that.

    Gee, I'm shaking and I feel like I just won an Oscar!!!!!!!


  10. Congrats to Jerseygirl for winning! I think there were some awesome projects on here, so I'm honored to be among them. I don't feel too bad since I just won 2 giveaway books on other blogs too!

    Artie, I'll look forward to YOUR lampshade renovation! :)

  11. I thought the headboard transformation was fantastic! Congrats D! 'Artie, you should read my Gollum story, it's not RMS Bandits but you are featured in it.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS to "D". Well deserved!

    (Artie, as Isa said 'you are a gem'.)
    Hugs -Brenda-

  13. Congrats to D...but you all are winners because you all have created some pretty dang fine stuff!!

  14. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to every one who submitted their projects! They are all so inspirational and get the creative juices flowing. :-) Rhoda, thanks for giving me the idea to spray the INSIDE of my antique lampshade. The OUTSIDE is unique and looks great, yet the inside is yellowish, so I will fix that 'lil problem and use new trim to freshen-up the top and bottom of the shade. I'll use fabric on the next project on my master bedroom shades.

    Thanks Artie, you write a fabulous blog. :-) - SherylCanadianGirl