Monday, November 24, 2008

A Texas Break, and Some Inspiration

Tomorrow morning, in the very early hours of the a.m., I will board a plane in route to Texas for the Thanksgiving Holiday, a 3-day trip that will be fast, fast, fast and filled with friends, family, and of course: food. Because I'm not too sure where or if I'll have time to check back in with you all while away on this Texas sized adventure, I wanted to wish you all the very Happiest of Thanksgivings.

Because I know that a great many of you are cooks, and all of you have a desire and flare for decorating, I thought you'd take particular joy in this website I found:

Located in Portland, Oregon, Catered to Perfection is a personal chef/catering service for those with discerning palates (as advertised). Michelle, the chef, is classically trained, and her menu's are truly something to marvel over.

So, take a gander at these beautiful table settings for the seasons. This is only a sampling of what is on the catered to perfection webpage. I hope they inspire you to make this Thanksgiving table the best one yet!

Champaigne Lady Fingers

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of edible flowers being used on dessert plates, and in Salads. They provide a color that most other vegetables and fruits, used in the same application would not, for instance the cornflower blue color of the flower resting delicately upon the lady fingers in the picture above! Don't be afraid to use them, you can find a list of edible flowers here.

Warm Mushroom and Prusciutto Salad

Doesn't this look delicious? This appears to be garnished with a pepper glaze, and I couldn't agree with that more! If you are looking to "spice" up a great salad, try mixing in a jalepeno hot pepper jam in with a balsamic vinegarette. You'll love it!

A Delicious Baked Ham Platter

Perhaps it's the presentation that makes this the most beautiful ham I've ever seen, fresh apples and garden kale make a beautiful garnish for a traditional Holiday feasting selection.

Rosemary Cheese Crakers, Garnished to Perfection!

Stilton Cheese atop Endive, what a beautiful tray.

And remember: On December 1st, Color Outside the Lines will slip into full Christmas Mode, and we'll have another reader based contest, this time featuring the Christmas Decor of your beautiful homes! This time everyone gets a prize! As many of you have said you set up the day after Thanksgiving, I'll look forward to an inbox filled with lovely inspiration when I get back.


  1. Have a great trip...and thanks for the inspiration! Yum!!

  2. thanks artie, Have a Happy Thanksgiving with love ones. vicky

  3. You'll be missed! Have a great trip!

    Happy Thanksgiving. I'm very thankful for you =)


  4. Ok Artie... Have a safe trip and eat plenty of good food, enjoy those you love and come back safe... Happy Thanksgiving...


  5. Hey, we're gonna be in the same state for Thankgiving! lol! Drop on in~

    Buffie :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and the home cooked food.

  7. Say hi to Texas for me and happy thanksgiving.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving and may you have a safe journey.

  9. Artie,

    May you have a wonderful time on your trip, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too. Stay well and safe.


  10. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.. ~lynne~

  11. Artie, have a wonderful trip--and a great Thanksgiving. I bookmarked your list of edible flowers--how wonderful is that?!!! Thanks!

  12. Artie 'n Scott, have a save trip and a fabulous Thanksgiving!

    (Texas how lucky! WARMTH!!!!! Old man winter made his appearance yesterday...and yes it is still snowing! Arrrrrrrgh).

    Hugs, hugs -Brenda-

  13. You remind me of the time my niece, seven years old at the time, was visiting and we ate borage flowers in my herb garden. She was fasincated by it and ran to tell her mother. We had to make her promise that my gardens were the only place she could ever eat flowers. She grew up thinking that I was a wizard/witch or something.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    G in CT

  14. Yahoo - you are headed to Texas!!

    Oh how I wish you could stay a while and help me on my remodeling!!

    Oh well, just dreaming, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Be safe and God Bless,
    Karen in Texas

  15. Mmmm... this stuff looks yummy! Hope you're having a fabulous time with your family!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, wave to Buffie while you're out there in Texas!

    Justine :o )

  16. Hey Artie, hope your having a great whirlwind of a Thanksgiving vacation and thanks for your website suggestion. ~ Robyn