Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodbye Again, Texas

I arrived safely back in New York last night, and found myself extremely tired from a very fast, but very worthwhile trip. I saw my family, my friends, and though I didn't get to spend as much time as many would have liked, I cherished every minute of each and every conversation.

The trip home, however - was not so enjoyable. Uncomfortable plane seats, a beverage charge from U.S. Airways (really?) and a late flight in, were just not what I had in mind. I did however get to look through the pages of the November-December 2008 Veranda Magazine cover to cover, about 5 times. Within this wonderful issue, are some of the most inspirational Christmas decorations you're likely to see this season. Because Color Outside the Lines is prepared to go "All Christmas" Monday, December 1, I will save those colorful and magical images until then. I do want to share with you, non-Christmas photos of our lead in, Lisa Luby Ryan.

Ms. Ryan's Dallas Home is a feature in Veranda, and her the inventive use of items in her Christmas tree(s), reminds me so much of my own. As I read the pages of her interview, and examined every detail of every image, I knew that you all would love her aesthetic just as much as I have, so I made it my mission to find more images of Ms. Ryan's work. Below, you'll find photos of both Lisa's store: Vintage Living, and home decorated in two completely different styles: English, and French. Enjoy!

Lisa's Home, before her move toward a more French inspired interior:

The Master Bedroom; as featured in Traditional Home, September 1999
This is quite lovely, and yes - VERY English. Cote de Texas author, Joni Webb, is another brilliant Texas based interior designer who has moved toward a more french inspired interior in her own home, after living with an English inspired interior for many years.

The Master Bedroom; as featured in Beautiful Interiors, 2007
Here, a later picture than the one above, you see that the bench at the foot of the bed has left the room, replaced (I assume) by the gorgeous aubergine velvet chairs at the window. The accessories are lighter, not nearly as heavy as those above ... I'm sure a part of Ms. Ryan's process.

The Formal Dining Room; as featured in Beautiful Interiors, 2007
Here again, the English theme is done to perfection. Every last detail is well thought out and well executed. The workings of someone with a great gift.

Lisa's Home, as featured in Veranda, December 2008

The Master Bedroom
Here the palate is decidedly French with a touch of Belgian or Swedish influence, don't you think? Tone on Tone textural fabrics, off-white walls with gray/cream base and crown moldings. The accessories are again, well thought through, but lighter and more accommodating to the more minimal environment. Which do you prefer? Ms. Ryan's English Bedroom, or her French Boudoir?

The Breakfast Room, Adjacent to the Kitchen
We all are aware of my fondness to tapestry art, and although the canvas hanging on the wall the right is not tapestry, to me, it has that feeling. The muted palate, the theme and tone, all works well into this French inspired decor. The raffia covered Oly side chairs, the antique ironstone, the 19th century French crystal chandelier, it's all so ooo la la.

The Formal Dining Room
Go ahead, scroll back up. It's quite a change, and Veranda was kind enough to photograph and publish this amazing space from two angles. Here, you get a view of the table, made from antebellum columns from Georgia and limestone (top). What clever and fantastic re-use! Chairs slipped in linen, and the wall decor of 19th-c. iron stone china.

Formal Dining Room, French, Second Angle
Here, you can appreciate the fine workings of the custom chandelier, which features many French found objects, the sconces, made from 19th-c. French appliques, and the gorgeous table setting of French ironstone china, hotel silver, and Juliska stemware.
When we discuss the further rooms, (decorated in floral for Christmas), I will share with you the floral designer, please, don't think his work has gone unnoticed. It's masterful!
Lisa's Dallas Store: Vintage Living, a trend-setting furniture boutique
(photo's borrowed from Website,

Vignette in Ms. Ryan's ultra-chic Dallas boutique
What a wonderful set up this is? Having been born and raised in Texas, antlers and all things "natural" have a home in Texas interiors. Many, even if their homes are decidedly French, Swedish, or Belgian, will work them in in clever areas as Ms. Ryan has here, hung high above beautiful art.

A Pair of Lamps/Vignette
These gorgeous lamps are French, carved from Chestnut, and absolutely beautiful! This heavy pairing of lamps, candlesticks, books, and stone garden statuary would work well in the entry of a larger home, or perhaps the flat surfaces of a dresser in a guest room.

Oly Chairs, covered in faux zebra
These gorgeous chairs are featured in Ms. Ryan's beautiful home in this issue of Veranda, along with many other pieces from her Dallas boutique.

A Seating Area
I spy, with my little eye, something DRIFTWOOD! Do you? Yes, driftwood is all around us! This gorgeous pairing of old and new, furniture, and absolutely perfectly hung art and mirror vignette above the sofa, speaks boundlessly of Ms. Ryan's great eye, and impeccable design taste.

Make sure to come back Monday for the second, more Christmas oriented series of photos from Lisa Luby Ryan, Christmas Decor designers, and floral magicians. And please, please remember ... I want your pictures of Christmas decorations you've done both past and present. Email them to me, everyone who is featured on the blog will receive a special gift from me, and Color Outside the Lines.


  1. Hi Twin!!!! I'm so glad that you are back all safe and sound!

    I love, love, love this pics -- seeing the changes over time and style is really wild. I want that bedroom!

    Big squishy hugs,

  2. Welcome home.. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. I truly love the first photos..more so than the latter. I would do some tweaking, but the chandelier over the dining room table as you said screamed perfection to me...hugs ~lynne~

  3. I loved all the photos, but I liked the now pictures best. A true artist is a true artist with any style. vickydarnell

  4. Artie,
    My goodness, I work very near her Vintage shop and never knew it was there. I will rectify that on Tuesday!!! I've got to see that reeded Swedish secretary in person!
    Love your blog!

  5. So, your back safe and sound. You wouldn't know that you were tired, because this post was done in the usual 'Artie Style'. I get Veranda Magazine, and just received an offer to renew for $5.
    I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get our tree decorated for Thanksgiving and the arrival of some of our family, we're having a heck of a time with lights this year. Our 9ft. pre-lit tree, will only light part way. We tried for days, replaced some, got it lit for about 10 minutes and it went off again. I was so behind with everying else by then, that we just gave up. :( The little ones were not happy that it wasn't decorated.

    So happy to see your back.

    By the way, I realized that I didn't send Scott wishes for Turkey Day, :( that wasn't very nice of me to leave him out. Please relate the message to him.

  6. Welcome back!

    Loved this look inside Veranda.

    I'm looking forward to Color Outside the Lines going all Christmas. Bet you would not have guess that!

  7. Artie so glad your home safe and sound... This was simply a stunning post... I loved that bed... and all the rooms were simply breathtaking... LOVED LOVED LOVED it... Thank you and have a wonderful Sunday...


  8. Welcome home, Artie. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for Christmas. Loved the Veranda pics. They make me want to redo just about everything! :-)

  9. Oh man, I covet those zebra chairs!!!!!!!!!! How fun is that?
    So glad you had a great time with your family and friends, but I'm happy to have you back home! Did Scott go with you?

    Justine :o )

  10. Umm, yeah, glad you're back safe and sound, but I'm super jealous Mom and Chana got to see you and I didn't! =( Miss you...

  11. Glad to see you back all safe and having had a wonderful time. I loved the photos of that gorgeous house...but damn how do you afford to re-do rooms with such expensive stuff...I sure would have LOVED to be at THAT yard sale!!!!!

  12. Ahhhh. That was fun! Now I am waiting with baited breath to see the rest of their Christmas decorating...and yours! I put a couple of very sad things up today...hey, it's December tomorrow!

  13. The before/afters are astonishing. I kept looking at the dining room, in particular. How fresh and chic!
    I have been grappling with my Christmas tablescape, and pears/paperwhites just might be the way to go.

    Glad you are home! You were missed.

  14. Hi Artie!
    I just got done looking at the pictures of your evening dinner under the tent. All's I can say is WOW! It's like something that Tina and Bet would do and have done on the L Word. I can't believe you went and did all that. Your guests were lucky to be invited! :) You are amazing!

  15. Artie...this is torture...makes me want to have a massive estate sale and start all over in my home. I think that cottage I'm dreaming of living in one day is going to be bathed in creames and whites and neutrals, after seeing all these gorgeous pics! Oh, sweet torture!

  16. I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend. Welcome home.

  17. OMG! You've scanned ALL her house - before and after! I love it!!! I'm going to be stealing these images forever and ever! Her house has always been a favorite - no matter what incarnation - but the new one is so wonderful - don't you think? I'm in love with the new Veranda!!!!

    love this and today's article - great job - as USUAL!!!!

    love you!