Monday, January 5, 2009

The Object of My Affection:

Of course, you expect to see a picture of Scott here, no? Well ... truth be told, I have a new obsession: Wingback Headboards!

Yes, I know - it's certainly a little lewd, (don't tell Scott!) but I just can't seem to turn away from those graceful lines, and the timeless shape.

This photo from Better Homes and Gardens is stunning, don't you think. From the beautiful headboard, to those stools at the end of the bed - even the mirror and chandelier - it's all spectacular. It makes me long for something new, something different, something - forbidden!
Just look at the sleek and sophisticated lines of this gorgeous creation! The arch, the curve, the strength, the style: it's my dream come true. (Sorry, Scott!)

Even this younger, more hip wingback caught my eye! (I tend to gravitate toward the older models!) The linear lines, the nailhead trim, it sparkles, it dazzles, and it comforts with that cozy button detail. What more could you ask for?

And for that truly "out of this world" experience - why not go for this rattan islander sort of get-up? Look at it's dark tan, and exaggerated features! This is certainly oscar worthy!

And finally, my heart goes pitter-pat for this very soft, handsome number. It's that kinda bed that will be with you when you wake up in the morning, holding you tight through the night. The kinda bed you can show to your family without concern, and the type of bed you know will always be there, faithful and kind.

I made the headboard in our bedroom. It's very linear, no curve, no grace. Just strong and masculine, with hard nailhead trim, and a little padding in the middle. I suppose they do that over time, huh? But I'm in need of a change, a change in a more gentle direction! No more hard linear lines! I need soft, elegant curves, covered in a cloudy sky blue mohair and nothing else. Forget the hard nailhead trim - I'm not vain, give me softness anyday!

So what do you think? Is it time for a change?

Certainly Justine would agree that it's time to let go of my trash to treasure cieling fixture - she's hated that thing since it's early years on RMS. I have found a great alternative however, and while I wait for your advice on the headboard - I thought I'd give you this to ponder too:
Beautiful, Restoration Hardware. Very expensive!

Similar, and equally beautiful,, $99. To which should I allow the pleasure of lighting my new headboard? Oh, and who would like the old one?


  1. le YUM!!!! I think this is one of my new favorite things, too!! Beautiful post, twin. Your new music is fab, too!

    xo Isa

  2. Ooooo I'm catching you as your making the changes - I love the new look too!! Spread the magic, twin, beautifying the world one project at a time!

  3. Wow! What a really gorgeous blog. Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting.

    I will be back many times I'm sure.

    Thanks again. ~ tricia

  4. Thumbs up on changes, Artie :)

    I see a definite need to soften the headboard....and you desire that, so all things will work out well there!
    (the wings are like arms enveloping the sleeper...per chance to dream...)

    And as far as the lighting... super call on the design look alike! (I love RH, but they are expensive~even at wholesale!)

    If you are asking for light fixture "takers" ? LOL
    Well Muse's always receive the light...LOL LOL

  5. Hi Artie,
    They are all just GORGEOUS! I have never seen this style of beds before. Can't wait to see the end result.
    Your home is home decor' magazine worthy already.
    ~Melissa :)

  6. I think you bedroom is beautiful...I kind of like the square, more masculine headboard.

    I am in the market for a new light fixture and my jaw dropped when you said that the last one pictured, came from Wal-Mart! I have just got to go check it out......
    If it really does look that good for $99....I just might be buying myself one!

    Thanks for the tip!

  7. Good afternoon, Artieness! Oh, honey, go for the new headboard. Although I'm very impressed with your ability to make the lovely one you have! I guess I've never seen the winged back headboards before. I'm not as tacky as Justine, I can say that because I love her, but I do like the new light fixture you're looking at. The Wal Mart one looks just as good as the expensive. With all your talent, you could cover the little white lamp shades with beautifulness.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :0 - Oh, I love the new look of your blog!

  8. HI Artie! Happy to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and saying "hey!". I love the new idea to soften up the headboard. I think your current one is nice but I tend to gravitate toward softer lines and curves.
    I see you are a dog lover too! I've two (left) Daisy (standard poodle 1yr) and Cookie (mini schnauzer 9 y/o)
    I look forward to my future visits here, it's a wonderful place and I love, love, love the way you write and express yourself.

  9. Artie, we are on the same wavelength! I have my eye on one and it's on sale. It's called a wing leather bed and I like the vintage chestnut. It's located at under leather. It's expensive but maybe it will be further reduced by the time my tax return gets here. You can view all their beds 360 degrees.
    My bedroom is early Empire furniture, some with marble tops, to fit with the Greek Revival. I haven't had a headboard in twenty years. With the two antique ancestrial paintings (pretend relatives) hanging over the bed, the leather wing will fit right in. You get one and I will too! Peanut butter and jelly for months!

    G in CT

  10. I say go for the new headboard! I never even really noticed those headboards until recently. They are very elegant and snuggly.

    Love the chandelier also - the Wal Mart version. I love Restoration Hardward but seriously...who pays those prices?

  11. I say go for the new headboard! I never even really noticed those headboards until recently. They are very elegant and snuggly.

    Love the chandelier also - the Wal Mart version. I love Restoration Hardward but seriously...who pays those prices?

  12. Very nice blog! These are beautiful! I'll definitely be back to see what you're up to...

    Have a Great Evening!

  13. Linda/ "Mom..."January 5, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    OK, this may N-O-T be popular Artie, but it IS the truth~~~ as "I" see it, anyway! There's something "special" about one's bed, we all know that. And we spend SO much of our lives IN it, that I think it should be as sumptuous as one desires and/or can possibly afford (or "NOT", even! ~ I mean, P,B&J can't be ALL that bad, altho I'd prefer a flour tortilla w/ cheese,tomato & green onions toasted on top). Anyway, there's also something to be said for KNOWING it's a little over-the-top, quality-wise, "sumptuousness-wise", pricewise, etc & that extra feeling of SPOILING ONESELF SILLY is, I think, SOMETHING to really consider IMPORTANT!!! "You only live ONCE" Sweetie, BUT, if you do it RIGHT, "Once I-S Enough"! Follow your HEART, not your wallet", I think, is "good advice". 'Nuff said from me... Warmly & sincerely, Linda

  14. Oh I am so with you here Artie, I like the second picture, with the wood legs and just yummy. I have a photo saved of this very thing, wingbacked head board but mine in a sage velvet. Same idea! Drool drool. I have seen them make them on HGTV etc. I think we need one don't you?! Go for it!

  15. Okay, I still agree with Justine, I am not fond of your light fixture and I am in awe that the second light fixture is from Walmart, but they are trying very hard to change their image to be a bit more stylish. I may have to check that out because I need to update my breakfast room light fixture. I do still like your headboard, but if you are in need of a change I am voting for the handsome number....Robyn

  16. Oh my! I go to your blog and who do I find but Artie from rms...what a pleasant surprise for this novice blogger and rms refugee! I love the Walmart, seriously! And for that price! The winged headboards are gorgeous! What is it about the new year that makes us have the urge to rearrange and replace? Primitive winter nesting urges of some kind? lol Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Come back for a visit any time!...Debbie

  17. Yep, get rid of that ugly ass light! LOL! Okay, the chandy from Restoration is gorgeous, but the one from Walmart actually might fit in better with your new curvy bed. See how the details on the arms are more soft and flowy? I say go for it! And make your bed look like that first one. And when you do, can I come sleep with you guys? I don't even have to be in the middle. I'll just squish my ass to the side so you and Scott can still cuddle, but I'll keep your back warm with my fat folds. We'll be like a hetero/homo cocoon inside the gentle wings of that bed. Come on! At least think about it!

  18. Justine......u r 2 funny girl. Artie, I love the first one with the arm rests. I also like the Walmart one better. You can justify your purchase by saying you want to put your DIY one in the guest room! Yeah, that works!! Love your blog.
    (Jiller53150 from RMS)

  19. Hi there, tks for your kind words and this is a very inspiring blog! Am reading all your previous post, I'll put you on my list so I'll pop over often. Happy New Year and have a great week :D

  20. Artie,

    I think the beds are fabulous, especially #2. I love using grey and beige tones together, I think it's such a rich look. It might be a little hard leaving a bed like that in the morning.;)


  21. I love those headboards as well!!!

  22. Artie I'm so with ya! I love the wingback headboards! I pretty much love anything wingback anyway *winks* That one that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens is my fave! Time for change I say!! Vanna

  23. Young Gollum has an upholstered bed with a slight wing--but it's also modern. The fabric is gray-green-beige. It's similar to bed 5.
    If you want me to put up a picture on the sidebar, let me know.

  24. Oh, I am in love with these beds!! I have never seen anything like them before. I will probably be dreaming about them in my sleep!!

  25. I think your headboard is still beautiful...but I gotta say you've got me lusting for a wingback of my own!

  26. Hi Artie! Walmart has certainly captured the attention of the country with their very clever marketing campaign ... I say go with the good economic choice and it's lovely to boot. I also agree with Linda/Mom about beds needing to the the most wonderful they can be because we spend so much time in them. P.S. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I haven't stepped on a scale since January 1st. We'll see.

  27. Artie, I shall be anticipating this newest whatever you choose will surely be a work of creativity and delight!

    (Question: From the pics posted, I notice a finished Boxspring appears to be part of the design element. Do you plan to finish yours off?)

    The 'high 'n low end' light fixtures just prove......good taste doesn't necessarily has to be dictated by a price tag. Thanks for sharing them.


  28. Ahhh, the soft and curvy wingback beds are beautiful! At one time, I had thought of purchasing a second-hand sofa to transform into the bed of my dreams. Due to the small size of the room, I've decided to add padding to my current headboard, leaving just a 'frame' of the existing bedposts and top of frame showing. I'll use a spray fabric protector.

    Artie, I'd love to see you carry out my dream of transforming an existing well-loved sofa. :-)

    The wall-mart light is my choice as I love the curvy lines. :-)

    Love your writing. :-) - Sheryl

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Ahhh, the soft and curvy wingback beds are beautiful! At one time, I had thought of purchasing a second-hand sofa to transform into the bed of my dreams. Due to the small size of the room, I've decided to add padding to my current headboard, leaving just a 'frame' of the existing bedposts and top of frame showing. I'll use a spray fabric protector.

    Artie, I'd love to see you carry out my dream of transforming an existing well-loved sofa. :-)

    The wall-mart light is my choice as I love the curvy lines. :-)

    Love your writing. :-) - Sheryl

  31. GM guy I just love that wing back head board look...its so that still a word to use?? any hoo I was going to suggest I come and snuggle but seen Justine had her butt there already...I so remeber your head board from RMS great job..hope you and Scott have a great day...hugs and smiles Gloria

  32. Hi Artie,

    Great minds think alike! I too have been drooling over the wingback headboards...( or is that my pillow)
    anyways, love your inspiring pics....

    Hurray it's OC Housewife Night.....

  33. Thanks Artie! ;)

    You will LOVE the pie! One small tip...use a deeper shelled pie crust not the little shallow ones.
    It comes out so much better and richer tasting.

    Have a wonderful day.

  34. Hey Artie - those headboards are fab!! I think anyONE of them would look great in your room and even better if you can make one!! Come over if you get a minute and check out the wooden bowls and things I posted about last night ~

  35. The wing back head board looks great! I like my bed to feel like a "nest", and this certainly does look like it would do the trick. I'm with you on linear lines. They make me think of sterile, cold environments like hospitals! Good Luck!

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  37. You HAVE to let us know who/where the second bed is from. I have been in love with wingback beds for a couple of years now but I have not found one that I could say was "it". That's what the second bed is for me! I LOVE IT. Please, please, please let us know where you found that one.

    Like a couple of other people, I have thought about making my own by piecing together a well-loved chair and a bed frame.

    Keep up the good work!

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