Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, I thought that I would have had more done than this ... but Scott is recovering from a bacterial walking-pneumonia, and hasn't been able to help with the bathroom at all - so, I've been tackling this end of the project (the not-so-fun, very dirty end) all by myself!

All of the tile around the shower is officially gone, gone from the room, gone from my house, gone from my life! Oh sweet victory! The floor tile followed it to never-never land, but some of the floor tile remains. You see, the idiot, I mean previous owner, who did the old installation glued the vanity and the toilet to the tile, and since I still need to use these fixtures until I'm ready to have the plumber come in and install the new products, they're stuck ... no pun intended.
The good news is, after about 30 minutes with some extremely coarse sandpaper and my sander, I saved myself $180 on new subfloor.

It needs another good sanding ... but as is it's completely smooth and ready for tile! But, even though I was proud of that work, while I had almost all of the floor pulled up, I couldn't help but to lay out the tile in a few patterns to see what exactly the space might look like as a whole. I know it's a rough idea, but what do you think?

We thought we had found a great piece for the bathroom, but after measuring the space, it won't work, an unfortunate ending. So we're still on the hunt for a sink base. So tomorrow I'm off to the antique stores to play find that dresser. I'll make sure to update you as soon as I come across "THE" one!


  1. Looking good, Artie. Good job!..Christine

  2. Looks that pattern for sure! Great tile. Sorry to hear Scott is still recovering, hope he gets well really soon.

    Oh, Artie-- that blue and white will just pop in there. Still totally confused wondering where the burlap comes in. Patience is just not my strong suit. LOL

    Can't wait for more. I am wishing you good luck to find the perfect dresser to use as a vanity.

    Take care,

    (Jiller53150 from RMS)

  3. This is going to all look great! Good Luck finding your sink.



  4. Oh Twin, you KNOW that I totally understand the doing it by myself vibe and I feel bad for you, and for Scott - pneumonia is no fun!! ... either is discovering the old owner's shotty previous work - I know that pain, too!!

    You are making crazy good progress and it's looking great! i love the tile, the pattern, and the perfect piece of furniture WILL present itself for the sink :)

    That ginger jar is gorgeous! Where's it going?
    xo Isa

  5. I think ~~ very nice indeed.

  6. That looks fabulous!! Good luck finding that perfect peice for the sink!

  7. Oh, Artie...this is exciting to see! I sooooo badly need to renovate my baths. I'm so impressed that you are doing this yourself...wish I had the talent you do to tackle something like this. I'd get half way in and have to call someone, who'd probably charge me double to undo my mess. (LOL) I'll check back to see how it's coming. We are cheering you on out here in Blogland! Love how it looks so far!!! Susan

  8. Hey Artie, I think your design is great - but have you tried laying out two or three rows of black accent that mimics the lines of the whole room including going in front of the doorway? What am I saying, I 'm sure you have.....Robyn

  9. I love it too...such a timeless design!

  10. Ooh, love the pattern! I know you're going to change your mind and try something different ('cause I know you... you're never quite happy) but this looks like an area rug. Pretty!

    Justine :o )

  11. Hope you found/will find your sink base. Excellent job on the floor Artie!!!
    (Actually I'm hoping all my kitchen cupboards are glued to the existing (ceramic) tile as have been told by two Tradespeople already to leave them in position when I go to replace the flooring ....which I am sooooooooo reluctant to do.)

    Hoping Scottie will recoop soon! Please give him my Get Well wishes. (Thanks)

  12. Stunning floor. I ADORE those little tiles so much. Thanks for the inspiration!

    The Lettered Cottage

  13. What do I think? I think it looks fantastic.
    You can't go wrong with black and white tile.
    I like the black and white tile "rug" in the middle.
    I also think you made a great vanity selection.
    It is really pretty. You may not even need to find an antique!