Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, I thought that I would have had more done than this ... but Scott is recovering from a bacterial walking-pneumonia, and hasn't been able to help with the bathroom at all - so, I've been tackling this end of the project (the not-so-fun, very dirty end) all by myself!

All of the tile around the shower is officially gone, gone from the room, gone from my house, gone from my life! Oh sweet victory! The floor tile followed it to never-never land, but some of the floor tile remains. You see, the idiot, I mean previous owner, who did the old installation glued the vanity and the toilet to the tile, and since I still need to use these fixtures until I'm ready to have the plumber come in and install the new products, they're stuck ... no pun intended.
The good news is, after about 30 minutes with some extremely coarse sandpaper and my sander, I saved myself $180 on new subfloor.

It needs another good sanding ... but as is it's completely smooth and ready for tile! But, even though I was proud of that work, while I had almost all of the floor pulled up, I couldn't help but to lay out the tile in a few patterns to see what exactly the space might look like as a whole. I know it's a rough idea, but what do you think?

We thought we had found a great piece for the bathroom, but after measuring the space, it won't work, an unfortunate ending. So we're still on the hunt for a sink base. So tomorrow I'm off to the antique stores to play find that dresser. I'll make sure to update you as soon as I come across "THE" one!