Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who knew?

Who knew that finding the right piece to drop the sink into for our budget bathroom remodel would be like finding the perfect husband, or the perfect car, or the perfect house? You go all over creation looking for exactly what you had in mind ... only to settle eventually for what you could find, or worse yet, what you could afford.

Today, after our first antique shop with no luck, we stopped at one of my favorite home interior stores to pick up a few bathroom accessories ... it's near a Home Depot, and Scott suggested we walk over since that particular store is much larger than the one near our home, and carries a more extensive line of products.

It was there that we found our temporary solution to the vanity problem:

We love it, and with it's narrow cabinet base (only about 13") the sink will be a great fit in the 1/2 bath we have planned for the first floor ... a project that I'm not quite so excited about now that I've jumped in head first upstairs.

Our plan? Put this beautiful, and very inexpensive (comparatively) vanity/sink combo into the bathroom upstairs until we find the perfect antique that we neither settle on or rush into to only regret later.

So, look forward to seeing that in the space very soon, I just got word that I'll have another pair of hands helping soon ... my brother's. He'll get here Tuesday and stay for just about 2-weeks ... hopefully having his handy strength will benefit the process and speed things up a bit.


  1. I really like the vanity - are you getting the mirror also? Love the floor tile too - it will all look fantastic in your home. It's a lot of work, but sounds like you have help arriving soon. Good luck.

  2. I think that's a smart decision. The right antique will come when the time is right! The hunt is always fun, and now you don't have the pressure -- and you'll have a working sink in the meantime! Always a plus! I'm happy to know you are getting some help, and it's great that it's your brother! When he's finished at your place, maybe he'd like to come west? I could use an extra pair of hands!
    I'm sorry I didn't get you today, I tried!
    xo isa

  3. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your renovation. It sounds like you are enjoying the planning and creative side of the project and it will look so great when you are done. Good luck with the hunt for the perfect chest/vanity. You will know it when you see it!


  4. Good plan .... let's hear it for the boys!

  5. That's beautiful Artie! For a "fill-in" vanity it's going to look great.

    Justine :o )

  6. That's a great solution Artie! I can't wait to see the finished project! I'm glad you're having extra help, that is an awful lot of work to do alone. ~ Robyn

  7. Perfect what you did with the floor too!

  8. I actually love this. it looks perfect!