Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Wild Hair

Everyone once in a while, most often when I'm in the deep middle of a project (like the bathroom), I get this wild hair to change up the entire house. I plop myself into a loathing pattern and walk around saying: "I hate this green!, I hate that couch! I hate these chairs! Why do we even have this stupid table?!" etc.. Scott just shakes his head, knowing that in a few days I'll walk the same pattern and say, "I love our house!, Isn't this pretty?!, You know, this green is still my favorite color!"

Today however, I have one of those wild hairs. A long one that aches for a home based in cool neutrals, like flax and linen, burlap and grain. Anyone who got their decorating kicks in the early years/months of HGTV's Rate my Space, surely knows the rooms of hpj185. When I saw her rooms I immediately fell in love, and consequently, spiralled into a wild haired fit!

Her real name is Heidi, and she works as a hair stylist and salon owner in the DC Area (courtesy of Internet research - I don't know her). Her rooms are fresh and light, sophisticated and elegant. From the moment I saw this living room I knew her other spaces would be just as fantastic and she didn't disappoint!

Her family room off of the kitchen was again a wash of neutrals ... as is the entire house, except for a metallic bronze bathroom remodel. I ached for a smaller cream sofa once I saw this photo, and I ached for white woodwork and neutral walls. I showed it all to Scott who said, "It's nice - very Bentwood" which means, very "Country Club New Build". I agree that the architectural elements in the house are very new, not having the amount of character that you find in the older homes of this area ... but I still coveted the decorative belongings of hpj, and it's this wild hair that begs for strong enough extensions to lift that couch right out of the room and live on it in my own.

A better picture of the room, from the kitchen. Before Joni and Cote de Texas, this was my virtual exposure to seagrass and linen, silk and bamboo roman shades.

Aren't these chairs lovely? Oh how I long to run out today and replace my medieval set with one of these provincial numbers and linen cushioned chairs with beautiful patinaed faux finish. My heart beats in longing rhythms for this look, that chandelier, those sconces, that mirror.
And as the wild hair grows, I suppose the most captivating of all inspirational images I found from hpj185 is of her bedroom:

Yes, in fact, this is the very room I love so. The room that makes me want to go from the sage walls, and rich natural woodwork, to warm green-greys and matte white panels. From the warm and velvety richness of my multi-colored antique rugs to the earthy, textural feeling of seagrass and jute. From the heavy silk and quilted bedding, to a soft white duvet, and from the warmth and masculinity of those leather club chairs, to white english rolled arm chair and ottoman combos, with vintage toile pillows and burlwood side tables. Yes, my American Express is sitting on the desk right now, and the catalogs are open ...


  1. Beautiful pictures...the bedroom is my favorite too! I often do the same thing and it usually does pass or I find one small change I can make to make myself feel better...put the AmEx away!

  2. I too fell in love with these rooms at Rate My Space, too, Artie.
    The nearest I can come to this right now, is the dining room. Perhaps on of these days, I'll do the living room. I love these neutrals! Gorgeous rooms!!!

  3. You have just described my life for the past 3 months! I am dying to get rid of all my Tuscan/brown colors and make the big switch! I did order new white linens for my bed though... I know, it's not having what you want but wanting what you have...Help!!!
    Misplaced Texan,

  4. OH ARtie, I'm right there with you - so beautiful, soooooo beautiful! lets change together!!!! even though I am closer to this than you, I am still so very very far away. just beautiful. Back to your bathroom now!

  5. are there more pictures of her house? where?

  6. Beautiful home you showed. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Easter bunnies. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Oh I have seen those pics on RMS..or at least some of them. They are absolutely beautiful and timeless. Take your time. Next week something else might strike you.

  8. Oh I have seen those pics on RMS..or at least some of them. They are absolutely beautiful and timeless. Take your time. Next week something else might strike you.

  9. Heidi is the undoing of MOST of us. I know it's so wrong to covet, but covet I must. I'm such a lover of color, but somedays I long for this look. Maybe we should just rent a vacation house to give us our neutral FIX and then return to who we Really Are. And if Joni thinks Hpj is great, who are WE do argue?

  10. So timeless, so gorgeous. *sigh* so far from what I have. LOL
    ARTIE! step away from the phone, put the amex away and get back to the bathroom project! Did you brother arrive? Is he helping you?
    I'm going back in for a second look at these delicious rooms!
    xo Isa

  11. Artie! Step away from the pooter and put your AmEx away!!!!!! At least take some time to think it over! Your house seems mostly neutral to me. Not as neutral as hpj's, but still soothing and lovely.

    Justine :o )

  12. Hi Artieness! Oh, I too remember this room and it makes me wish I were more sophisticated and had nicer furniture! But I will come back down to reality when I know we really live all over the house, feet on sofas, we eat sitting on our chairs and Miss Chloe Dawn hops all over the furniture. That'll bring me down to earth really quick. But I can dream and you can too!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my Springness! Can't wait to see your bathroom!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Okay...what are you doing to me?

    This is exactly the look I want in my home. And I just can't have it right now!

    So stop it! Stop it, I say! ARGH!

    Martha from Elizabeth Hill

    ps. thanks for the inspiration, though. It's the thought that counts.

  14. eh.

    No...I'm just joshin'. Artie you have a beautiful home with amazing woodwork and craftsman detail. Gorgeous rugs, beautiful yards....Are ya feelin' it? Do you know how many people would use your home as a wild hair???

    Enjoy her home (in all it's lovlieness)but LIVE in'll change, slowly, as you change, slowly.

    Show us the money! I wanna see bathroom pics!!

  15. I so love these rooms and have since I first saw them on RMS. Talk about pure class!!
    xo bj

  16. Artie, Your home is perfect as is - it's just springtime now. I feel the same way. Since you're re-doing your bath I took a look at mine and now I hate them all! Did I tell you that my shower valve started spewing hot water from the back the other day? I was excited because I wanted to get a new surround. (Except I had my eye on the Silestone slabs on each wall.) But my Dad came over and repaired it before I got home from work - drats! I should be happy 'cuz I saved a ton of money.....Robyn

  17. I also remember falling in love with these spaces on RMS! I also had the same reaction you had. I wanted to get rid of everything I own and start over. I can't look at them any more! My credit card isn't that big! laurie

  18. I recall. Such impeccable TASTE!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I totally know what you mean! Most of the time I love my house and how I've decorated it. But, there are times I want to repaint everything neutral and go in a totally different direction! I can see why you love the home in the pictures - it is beautiful!

  20. Artie, I totally understand. Her spaces have always been on my favorite list too. We just need bigger houses so we can decorate in different styles! Okay, so that may not be high on the priority list. Next best thing, start shopping craigslist, antique stores, & go thrifting to find pieces for your home. ☺

  21. Oh Baby, That Chandy is so sweet. I got a wild hair about the light fixtures in my house. They have gotta go!
    Good luck with yours~ ~ Ahrisha~ ~

  22. Artie: Your Texan is showing! Wild-Haired Fit! Oh, yeah. I know. George had to indulge me for years. I'd walk through going YUK. pfffft. I hate that. I want this.....knowing it would pass. That's why we love design blogs! We get to try something out vicariously. By the way, that first photo really IS the look I am headed for. I love your comfortable home!

  23. I loved these rooms too,recognized the name right away.I am glad you shared your love/hate relationship with your home,I do that too...thought it was just a "me" thing.

  24. I remember her rooms - they are stunning. She is one talented lady! Very rich & elegant but not stuffy...sigh...makes me want to start all over! :) ~ Laurie

  25. It looks like Heidi loves mirrors as much as I do! The Louis Philippe above the chest in the living room is the perfect size. I love her house - what a great eye she has.

    I have never looked at rate my space, but I am heading over there now!

  26. Oh, Artie! I love this cool, calm palette! I'm a big texture nut, so I can understand your love of burlap, linen, and silk. These rooms are very sophisticated, but they still look inviting.

    The problem is, I think I would find myself craving color after a bit. But I love a neutral palette in a dining room because I have so much china, and right now I have a problem with the drapes making it hard to use certain sets of my china. The drapes were purchased with the house, and I haven't changed them yet!

    Thanks for sharing these rooms. That girl did a fabulous job on them!


    Sheila :-)

  27. Hi Artie -- I just discovered your blog so I'm reading through it -- it's great! I interviewed Heidi for my own blog (I got to know her when I used to work with HGTV). Here's a link to my post, in which she describes how she decorated this house:

    -- Jennifer Sergent