Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Rug

Yesterday I happened upon the opportunity to own a cowhide rug, in a beautiful fawn cream color about 7'x6'. I've counted my chickens a few too many times before they actually hatched, so for now, I will just say it's an opportunity - as it's not in my home at present.
I've always been in love with the look of cowhide, especially the more interesting hides of solid colors and very few blotches. Something about walking all over those California Cheese Cows just isn't as appealing. So, as you can imagine - the idea of having such a beautiful rug got my motor running, and I wanted to see what you all thought about the idea.

First, and foremost - I love the durability, function, and sheer beauty of cowhides. I'm not out slaughtering cattle for the chance to own a hide of my choosing, but for something so wonderful, floating out and about in prior owner land, I won't give up an opportunity to have one that was "gently used".

Useful in so many ways, upholstery, floor covering, wall hanging, art - in almost any arrangement, cowhide really can be quite classy and not at all "country" when used in the right way.

This is not the "right" way.

This glorious chaise lounge is beautiful as is, but can't you see it in the gorgeous fawn colored cowhide? From afar it might not even look cowhide, but once you get close enough to touch it the subtle texture of the fine hair would be like heaven. What a great idea for my bedroom?

So, tell me - what do you think about cowhide rugs? Do you own one? Do you want one? Do you long for one as I do?


  1. Love them, want one! I'd love to have some delicious french chairs upholstered in cowhide, and I love the fawn colored ones - so yummy. My fingers are crossed for yours to come through, and I can't wait to see what you do with it.
    xo Isa

  2. i say:
    anyone who's pondered
    as deeply as you have
    deserves something delicious!

    the fact that it's pre-loved
    only enhances its appeal and
    you will further honor its spirit.

    we're held in udder (yuk yuk) suspense, now!
    peace, Chuck

  3. Good Morning Artie,

    If your finances will allow it, then GO FOR IT!!!!! I think it will make a stunning addition to your home.

    I see one advertised at Spiegel's and always picture it in our family room, but that will not happen here, it will only be a dream.

    Wishing you luck with getting one of your own.


  4. What beautiful pictures. I like most animal prints, I must admit. I'm a little smitten. And I do, indeed, have two small cow hide rugs in Colorado (no real surprise there; ha). Now, I use them like you've displayed here as accents. cheers -susan

  5. have one and love it. you would be shocked at how you can purchase these on-line at a fraction of the price offered by popular retailers.

  6. Yes, I love cowhide. Yes, I wish I had some cowhide because unfortunately I don't own any. I think you can add it to just about any decorating style and it would look great. I know how you feel about not wanting to buy new, it is a bit sad and gross to think that an actual cow got skinned but I guess it's hypocritical for those of us that eat meat. They have to do something with the skins afterall.

  7. My answers would be... not wild about these, no, no and no!
    I read your post title and was hoping to find a rug I could use in a painting... but cow hide will not do... sigh!

  8. I think cowhide rugs are lovely, but don't own one and even if I could purchase one ~ I wouldn't have the appropriate space for it.

    I think you should have one though.

  9. I'm sorry... I was looking for something more girly... and not cowgirly... I find inspiration on your blog in other areas!
    ENJOY your day!

  10. i have one. was the first thing my husband and I bought together (blk and white hide) and we have never found the right spot. Now, instead of selling it I think I am going to use it to cover a ottoman ;0

  11. You just made me remember that I have a wall hanging made from cowhide in my attic that had originally belonged to a friend over 25 years ago. Thanks alot as I had chores to do but now I have to spend my evening in the attic searching for it! ;-)

    G in CT

  12. I LOVE THEM! Go for it! I don't have one but I bought one for Katie so does that count?

  13. I love them! I bought one for under my DR table but thought it was too big and didn't want chairs scooting over it, so I took it back. I have found some bar chairs to go with a pub table with cow hide that I want for my basement. You are DEFINITELY on target with the color you want. Go for it!


  14. Cowhide is the perfect neutral! I hope you get your heart's desire. Thanks so much for your "consultation" yesterday. It was a hit and demolition starts tomorrow AM!!!!!

  15. I love them!!!!!!! But I didn't realize it was still considered "hide" when the hair was still on it. See, I learn something new from you every day!

    Justine :o )

  16. Ya know it is not really my thing...just being honest. I dont think that it would go with anything that I have.

  17. I live in Argentina and they are a staple here. People hang them on walls, hang off the back of couches even tables. But most often you will find them on the floor, often layered to make a bigger rug. You can also find them patched together (which I think looks dated). They even make carpet tiles out of them.

    The most desirable ones (expensive) are the uniformed colored ones in beiges and grey. The largest of these run about 300US.

  18. It is really beautiful....I like all these rugs ...I also use these type of rugs at my home like it.

  19. I think they are beautiful if used in the right way. Sounds like you have more than a few ideas!

  20. man I love that cowhide chaise lounge!