Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer in the making ...

It's only Spring here in Western New York. My sun kissed face and arms prove that, along with the ear to ear smile I've had with the extra dose of sun these past few days. That set me on a forward trajectory: spring cleaning the house, planning in the garden, digging for the elusive patio I've blogged about for what seems like eternity, and taking inventory of all the 1-hour projects I've got on the back burner.

But, just like many people who suffer from a creative mind - I found fun and unique ways to skirt the issues facing me from my to-do and honey-do lists, and browse for new and fun inspiration. Today: Screen Doors.

Nothing quite says Welcome like a screen door. So southern, so charming, so ... summer. I remember as a child having a screen door on the front of our house - the long porch stretching to either side of it with two large wooden rocking chairs on either side of the door. Opening the door to the house every summer was like holding court with my mother and father. "Why are you going back in the house now Artie?" or after many slams of the door, "STAY IN OR STAY OUT!" (How many of you have said that to your little ones!?)
So it's no wonder that the sound of a slamming screen door, the feel of knocking on one, the sheer barrier between nature and interior - almost seamless, beautifully neutral, has stuck with me all these years.

Now that spring has arrived, and the windows have been opened to help freshen up the air and linens in the house it occurred to me that there's no time like the present to get a screen door of my own. Installation is a snap, I thought - and what a wonderful blog project!

Convincing Scott, however - that was the hard part. So off to the hardware stores, lumber yards, and custom design centers we trotted. Each one not having exactly what I'd hoped, and absolutely nothing Scott agreed with.

It was then I remembered that this is how Scott is: eternally suspicious of the idea, and always happy with the outcome. Why, How, WHEN he'll ever just trust me still wrenches my every cranial crevice.

So what was the outcome, you ask? Check back tomorrow!!


  1. I laughed outloud over the "stay in or stay out!" and I can so relate to the "holding court" through the screen door to get into the house as a child. Haha! You have such a way with words. I can just feel the screen bouncing slightly as I knock on the door...
    Fantastic photos - that last one is just fabulous!
    I can't wait to see what you end up with, and of course Scott will love it. You all crack me up.
    Happy Spring dear twin. I'm glad it's finally there for you. Ahhhh!
    xo Isa

  2. Ohhh! I have been thinking about puting a wooden screen door in at the new house. My only fear is the puppy Henry ripping through to catch a squirrel!
    You should check out the renovation work from today...I am exhausted, we took out two windows and put one larger one in!

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Ashley Nichole.

  3. Artie...I, too, love a good ole screen door. My contractor tried to talk me into metal storm doors for the two exits off my porch onto the decks...but I said, NO WAY...gotta be wood! I remember hearing, stay in or stay out, just a few times in my youth. LOL Can't wait to see what you decided on...and I'm also dying to see that patio once it's done! Enjoyed this post! Susan

  4. Artie- This brings back memories! We were also encouraged to stay out until called for dinner, drink our water out of the hose, and generally stay out of our mother's hair! A parent would be arrested now for abuse!! Hope you get your door up--you'll be the envy of the neighborhood!

  5. Artie, that screen door is the Texan in us. Paul and I have been having the same exact conversation. I want one desperately. I'm always leaving the back door standing open...last week I came into the kitchen and two birds were flying around! Bird poop in my kitchen is not very decorative. Paul and I talked about how we remember taking off running in the house when something fun was about to happen...flying through that screen...and letting it slam right behind us. :) They might be noisy but they are homey.

  6. Your Scott reminds me of my Jimmy! (smile)
    "Trust me, " I always say. Actually, we're pretty sympatico when it comes to home decor. Thank goodness. I love the screened door post! I have one here on the island. It has expanded, thanks to the rain, tho. Hopefully only temporarily. -susan

  7. Yes, I say that to my kids all the time! When we were looking at houses, one of the things I told my husband I wanted was a "slamming screen door." He agreed. I knew we could add one to any home of course, but the house needed a certain feeling for it. When we pulled up to this house and saw its slamming screen door, I was in love. Unfortunately my son ripped the screen on ours last fall. It's on our list to do before the summer hits. I'm not sure what style I'm going for. I think something more ornate than what we had originally, which was a T bar.

    Can't wait to see yours!

  8. Oh yes, a screen door! We had double doors on the front and our screen doors had louvers for privacy. We kept the front door open all summer! I can still hear the sound of the crickets coming from the door at night! Thanks for bringing back a great memory, Artie! Can't wait to see what you have chosen!...Debbie

  9. You gave me my smile for today Artie.

    Can recall childhood memories of a screen door that led to the backyard. It was not unusual for us younger siblings to exercise our power over the older ones and lock them outside with the mere slip of a latch-hook. Needless to say my father became quite proficient in replacing screens. SMILES

    Looking forward to seeing your new door.

  10. You did it again! Kept me hanging. Damn! I soooooo miss having a screen door. It was always a special day when Mom changed out the glass in the door for screens. It meant summer and no school!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  11. I love the screen doors you have posted. They are beautiful. One of the first things I did when we moved in, actually before we moved in was have a screen door installed. I keep the door open as often as I can. I can't wait to see ours.

  12. Oooooh can't wait to see!And yes, nothing like the banging of a wooden screen door on an old home. Perfect.

    Stay in or stay out! Ha!! I DO remember that.

  13. Can't wait to see the new screen door.

    My grandparents had a screen door on the front and back porches. Attached low enough for tiny ones to reach, was an empty Coats & Clark thread spool "knob". I'll never forget it or the sound of the screen doors slapping shut, on delightful Missouri summer days!

    When Baby Noah was born, my daughter,his mommy, was caring for our other sweet g'kids Gabi and Drew. Her solution to Noah's security from "helpers", she installed a screen door on Noah's room. Absolutely perfect. It looks wonderful and serves well, to see into his room, without disturbing him in sleep.

  14. Dear Artie .... you have tweaked my desire to time travel back to childhood and remember all the screendoors I so enjoyed entering and exiting ..... wonderful memories.

  15. Okay, our hubbies must have the same DNA, because mine is JUST LIKE THAT! We've been together for 39 years now, and it hasn't gotten ANY better. I've told him that if anything ever happened to him, I would never remarry. He answered" but sweetie, you've always been married, you would want a companion again." To which I respond with "no, I will NEVER let anyone into my life that will tell me what couch to buy, or what color to paint the house, ever."

    His trick now is to not disagree with style or color anything is, but whether I realy NEED it or not. "Honey, it's just FINE if the dishwasher doesn't work very well anymore. We don't really need a new one, just wash fewer dishes in it at a time and it will be okay."

    I figure, he HAS to go fishing sometime, and then I'll.......

    Thanks for a good laugh! Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  16. I love the screen doors! I always think of childhood when I see one, "stay in or stay out," I have heard that so many times! Now, consider yourself tagged! One photo, all artie!

  17. OOO, I so love a screen door...just LOVE them. We always had one when I was growing up..screeked a little when you opened it. Every single time my brother and I would go out it, my parents would holler, "and Don't slam the screen door!" Oh dear...

  18. I.LOVE.THIS BLOG. Fabulous, fabulous eye for design. The tent was spectacular! I want to hunt you down and RAID your garage and basement where you are hiding all these fabulous bones of furniture!! I'm a follower for life...

  19. You little tease!
    I love screen doors, reminds me of grandma's house!

  20. Wow, a rush of memories that others have mentioned - stay in or stay out and also drinking water from the garden hose! I have a T bar screen door on my side porch as I wanted something very simple and white. This past week, I kept finding myself standing and staring out it at the yard and gardens.
    Since a new dog and cat entered the picture last fall, I'm afraid they might push it open while I am outside somewhere so I just installed a latch outside as well.
    G in CT

  21. your post has the breeze blowing through it - right down the middle. awesome!

    yeah - can't wait to see your finished project!
    you always dream well, Shipmate!
    that's the most important aspect of any task!


  22. OH~~~ I loved your story when you were younger! I miss having a screen door. I have double doors, and just havent found anything I like. I can't wait until tomarrow to read your blog.

  23. I am Southern, so yes, I have a screen door! I love the flap it makes when it closes. And I love the breezes it lets inside this time of year, and I especially love it when it rains!

  24. My mother was just talking a few months ago of going to her grandmothers and having the screen door slam and squeak and how the memories of that keep her with her screen door squeaky! I was wanting her to put some oil on it!

  25. Artie, great photos of the screen doors, really like this post, right up my alley!