Monday, February 8, 2010

More Tile, and a few Looks for Less

I got home from work today and after eating very quickly, I raced upstairs to get back to the tiling that I've come to actually enjoy. Except for the 30 broken tiles that were in the middle of the box, I had no problems, and actually finished - well, almost - the back wall of the shower.

Great huh? We decided to add a band of black to the top of the shower just below the crown. A detail that I think will help to tie in the running rectangle of diamond tile on the floor. Simple 6x1 tiles did the trick, though it's not quite finished. Of course the side walls have to be tiled and the crown has to go up at the top. I'm pretty sure I bought the wrong stuff, so I'll have to wait to put that up til I know what it is I actually need.

In other news. I've been searching for accessories for the bathroom. You know, standard stuff: rugs, cups, jars, toilet paper holders, magazine racks, tub trays. Let me tell you, there is some scary stuff out there!

Now, I have nothing against Hello Kitty, but I think this is taking it a bit too far don't you? I mean, someone call the marketing department and tell them they've made a mistake.

And I'm not exactly sure how many bottom's you'd need to make use of this makeshift holder, but I can guess that it's more than one.

Oh, and for those of us who need music every waking minute of our lives - there's a docking station for your tp. Yes, it's true! And it could be yours for a mere $40 plus $10 shipping. Ipod and toilet paper - not included.

At least you can turn this guy to face the wall when you have to go ...

these two just sit and stare. I know what they're thinking ... it's as awkward for us as it is for you bub! And last but not least, in case you're looking to accessorize those cinderblock walls in your basement bathroom dungeon
Maybe if you had a boy and a girl sharing a bathroom you could put this next to hello kitty. Spice it up a bit? But in all seriousness, toilet paper holders, no matter how ugly are a part of every bathroom. They need to be considered, and ultimately need to fit the overall finish of your room, matching those finishes to your faucets and door hardware, and the cover plates to a shape complimentary to those of your plumbing hardware. That in mind, I found this at during my search:
Available in a few finishes, it was the best of both worlds. A magazine rack and a toilet paper holder all in one. The shape was nice for the room, though I didn't want something quite as curvy, and I have to be honest - $299.00 for a toilet paper holder - not happenin'. So onward I searched, til' I came across the Mercer collection at Pottery Barn:
Here I had a price that was much better for my budget at $79.00, and the lines were not nearly as curvy as the Frontgate piece. Nice, linear, and narrow - just wide enough for a Veranda or Architectural Digest and two rolls of TP. It instantly topped my list. Until, I found this:

Yes it's the very same thing at 1/2 of the Pottery Barn Price!! Jumping for joy, I clicked feverishly looking for the satin nickel or brushed nickel finish that would compliment the faucets, but surprise surprise they came in only 2 finishes: oil rubbed bronze, and chrome. So, even though they don't quite work for me - I wanted to share with all of you that are about to start, or could be finishing a bath reno the look for less. Hope it helps!


  1. Some of these just make me laugh. I never knew there were so many choices!

  2. Hey Artie...I have the mercer rack. Found it on ebay for less than half of the price. Check for one.

  3. Artie, I just sprayed my monitor with coffee-thanks for the morning giggle! Do people actually BUY that stuff???! Oh, and great job on the tile!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. monkeygrasshill@blogspot.comFebruary 9, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning! Loved this post.

  5. My you are really making headway Artie. It has to be a great feeling of accomplishment as it is going to be beautiful.

    Realize you are talking about a brushed nickel finish... but here is a tip for converting polished plated chrome into a 'brushed' finish which may work. I don't see why it wudn't. Use a Scotch Bright cleaner eraser pad and plenty of WD-40. Work in the same direction as if you were sanding/applying stain.
    (This is how car restoration buffs do it.) You may find complete instructions on a Website.

    Personally I feel you should go with The Hello Kitty dispenser as it would certainly make for interesting conversation. Winks...

  6. FYI...the most expensive holder from frontgate only works well if directly across from the toilet (if it is in the side, the rolls fall off easily - I speak from experience!!) so you are making a better choice with the other style.

    As for your search for lanterns - are you a collector? Looking for a specific style? color?

  7. Artie...that shud have read
    Scotchbright cleaner pad (not eraser). 3-M carries an assortment. -Brenda-

  8. Funny stuff Artie. I love the tile work. I think the best part of a DIY tile project is when you grout it!


  9. Those are hilarious. What is with K-Mart having incredible furniture and accessories lately? Mine is so scary, but I'm going to have to brave it to get some great buys. The tile looks great. I LOVE black and white. I'm heading off to the Parade of Homes in St. George, Ut this weekend. I can't wait to get lots of pictures of great ideas for my home.

  10. Love how that tile wall is looking. So clean and classic.
    As for your tp holders, I'm always curious to know how I can get a psychological profile of the type of (grown) person who would use something like the hello kitty or dragon. But then the other side of my Gemini brain kicks in and I wish that I could be so brave to express myself like that without thought for "style" or "convention". So who's crazier? The homeowner who buys a tissue butler? Or me for thinking about it all a little too much?

  11. Artie~ next to the major decision of which TP dispenser to choose is the bigger question of whether the roll will be rolling out over top or from the bottom?
    I vote for a (fire breathing) dragon. It's a sure way to prevent those loitering types. That's why I never have magazines in our restroom for fear it might be taken literally as a room of "rest", lol.

    This post appealed to me because we're in the middle of several remodeling projects in two homes.
    C-H-A-O-S!! I have a shower bath combo with subway tiles that needs a face. The tiles are in good condition, but have lost their luster, any suggestions for rejuvenating them? Your redo is quite inspiring.

    Sweet wishes,

  12. oooh, I love subway tiles! Lookin good!!

  13. omg! this is looking good. i can't wait to it finished. you are unreal.
    lvoe the toilet roll thing with the basket. that's so cute.

  14. I like a lot of things, thanks for sharing..

  15. What a helpful post. I haven't been to KMart in yrs. I'll ck out the oil rubbed bronze finish...Thanks. Fay

  16. GRRREAT blog site. We're getting ready to "re-do" a vintage bathroom and your photos, comments, etc. are fascinating. THANKS! Franki