Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Electric Towel Warming Bar Rendering

Of course, when you start a reno, you think about what you'll need, what you want, and of course, what you'd have if money were no object. Sometimes, need, want, have to haves - they all get mixed up and priorities fall out of line. Wait, who am I kidding? Sometimes!? It will happen.

Case in point, an electric towel warming bar. Scott thinks it's a need. I consider it want. Still, it will happen and because of that, I have to try to find one that is well within the total budget of our reno. It has to be softwired, and though Scott wants a freestanding unit, I prefer one that we can attach to the lower half of the wall - which I've decided (after making an executive decision) will be paneled.

So, I ask all of you who have or want a towel warming rack. What do you think is best? Hard or soft wired? Free standing or mounted? Small or Large? Your input is MUCH appreciated!