Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The Electric Towel Warming Bar Rendering

Of course, when you start a reno, you think about what you'll need, what you want, and of course, what you'd have if money were no object. Sometimes, need, want, have to haves - they all get mixed up and priorities fall out of line. Wait, who am I kidding? Sometimes!? It will happen.

Case in point, an electric towel warming bar. Scott thinks it's a need. I consider it want. Still, it will happen and because of that, I have to try to find one that is well within the total budget of our reno. It has to be softwired, and though Scott wants a freestanding unit, I prefer one that we can attach to the lower half of the wall - which I've decided (after making an executive decision) will be paneled.

So, I ask all of you who have or want a towel warming rack. What do you think is best? Hard or soft wired? Free standing or mounted? Small or Large? Your input is MUCH appreciated!


  1. LOL.........I consider a towel warmer a luxury! I like your rendering of going on the paneled wall. Who wants to stub their toe on a free standing unit when you are half asleep?

    Can't wait for more of your gorgeous bathroom!!

  2. large, mounted, hard wired. make it seem a permanent fixture = not an last minute add on!

  3. I have never had a towel warming bar BUT oh how I would love one! My feeble attempt at warming my bath towel is to place it over the heat register while I'm showering ~ and hope the blower comes on!

  4. Oh I think a towel warmer could quickly become a necessity for me! Actually in my perfect bathroom there is a small dryer to warm my towel and bathrobe too!

  5. Hmm, a towel warmer. Uh, yeah that is a TOTALLY luxury! LOL I'm just happy to say I have a towel BAR in my bath ...ya know the kind right? fold the towel over it and let it dry. If I wanna warm it up I'll have to hold it over the plug in mini electric heater. *giggles*!

    All that being said from this frugal country gal...I can't WAIT to drool over the reno!

  6. We had them in a past house. I hate to admit that we rarely used them. I'd jump in the shower and forget to hit the button...grab a towel and go. My towels now hang over the heat register and they get just as warm.

    I will say that people were impressed when they saw them!


  7. OH! That is a DREAM for me! I ahve to run downstairs to the dryer if I wan to warm my towel, so it doesn't get warmed:):) I would make it a permanent fixture for sure...who WOULDN'T want one!!!??? XO, Pinky

  8. I can relate. When we remodeled our bathroom, I really really wanted an electric warming unit in the floor under the tile. It would have doubled the budget, so we didn't get it. Every time I have to stand on the cold tile in my bare feet, I wish I would have fought harder for it. lol

  9. When you are my age Artie you automatically think of maintenance and the less obstacles to work around are a must. Therefore, my vote goes for a wall-mounted unit or better still .... heated flooring. Crank it up and you won't need a towel warming rack. :) -Brenda-

  10. I think that a towel warmer would be something that once you have you will realize you can't live with out it, and wonder why you didn't get on sooner.
    Every time I give my grandchildren a bath I put the towels in the dryer.I probable could of paid for a towel warmer by now :)

  11. Size -- depends on space available.
    Location -- mounted on wall.
    Electrical -- hard-wire; timer

    "Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves." -- Dorothy Parker