Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurdles ...

Do you ever feel like you're jumping hurdle after hurdle, while running away from a moving train up a mountain in high heeled shoes two sizes too small after a sleepless night in a land you don't know? Sure you have. I mean, that's a dream that everyone has right? Right up there with going to school or work in the nude or floating?

In all seriousness, I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my momentum with this project. Tonight, while painting, I realized that the caulk that was used to cover gaps in the moulding was not a paintable caulk - causing a bubbling of the paint - and in general - a crappy looking finished product.

Additionally, for some STRANGE reason, the paint is choosing not to stick to areas of the wall. All the walls have been primed, so there's no real simple answer to this one. What's worse - we have members of our block club coming to the house on Saturday for a meeting about July's Garden Walk and because I've been so focused on this bathroom, the rest of my house is a wreck. Literally. In the cross fire, I've lost the chargers to both of my cameras, and the toenail of my right big toe. Gross, I know - but it hurt, and should convince you of the dangers that exist in DIY renovation projects.

My goal was to be finished with this by Monday, that's yesterday, and still - I'm not finished, and with my new hurdle: wall pains, who knows when this will be over! I'm certainly adding the caulk story to my lessons learned post I plan on posting after this is all finished ... hopefully before Christmas ... but at this rate, who knows?

Just an update and a quick thank you to all of you who stick with me on a daily basis through the trials and tribulations of this remodel. I assure you that soon I will uncover, probably under the mounds of tools and debris, my camera chargers and pictures will follow ... say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed, tomorrow I plan on showing this bathroom that I am the BOSS!


  1. Don't you hate it when you hit unexpected problems? I'm having similar issues with a project of my own. It should have taken no time at all, but I hit a couple of snags. I, too, am determined to finish today.

    Good luck!

  2. You'll find your chargers. Projects always take longer than expected, there are always "roadblocks", and I always HATE it when I'm torn up! It's a day, week, month out of my life and I HATE it. But . . . I am always glad and pleased when a project is done.

    For this reason, sometimes, I procrastinate about doing things!

    Looking forward to seeing the final results.

    Your bathroom redo has inspired me to do some cosmetic changes in mine.

  3. Oh, Artie. {{Hugs}} As the wife of a carpenter and a chronic redecorator, I know only too well the agony of having the end in sight and some stupid, dumb, nasty, life-altering problem come popping up. You WILL overcome this- that bathroom is YOURS. And so sorry about the toe-ouch!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. This post has really given me a good laugh. Thanks for making my day! On a more serious note, I can relate to how frustrating DIY can be. Nothing goes smoothly NOR does it get finished in 30 minutes like it does on HGTV!

  5. Artie, so sorry to hear about your 'caulking' woes. (I think in an ealier comment (under your title Well I'll Be /Feb. 15th)) I mentioned 'paintable' caulking.

    Remedy: Three options -- 1) Application of a good PRIMER (Zinssers Bulls Eye l-2-3) over it.

    2) A thin layer of Poly Filla crack filler (LEPAGE) over the silicone. Let dry, lightly sand with fine grit s/p. Prime then paint.

    3) My favourite is a product I use for ALL Caulking projects. Use the same application procedure as #2. It is called ALEX PLUS. Manufactured by DAP. It's an ACRYLIC LATEX plus SILICONE. The beauty of it is that its 'flexible' and for indoor/outdoor use. Can be sanded and is definitely paintable. Has a 35 year warranty. Basically I use it everywhere when caulking or a filler is required as it sands up nicely and cleans up with water. Yep, even use it for seaming new gyproc walls and works great around staircase moulding where separation and cracks often occur. Comes in a tube, (white, turquoise 'n black script).

    I am with you every step of the way, as 'have been there and done that'. From my own experience, trial 'n error is often the best teacher.
    Many Hugs -Brenda-

  6. There are always challenges, but the end result is SO worth it!!!

  7. Artie, slow down, you are making me dizzy, plus it is stressing you, too much! So what if the house is a mess while you are getting your bathroom together...people will understand.

  8. You have really pushed yourself with this project. Just remember how far you've come...you don't have that much further to go. You can do it!

  9. I think I've said this before ~~~ your posts should be episodes we watch on HGTV or DIY!

  10. You tell that bathroom, twin! RAR! You're on the last leg, and I KNOW it's going to be gorgeous and all worth the pains (ow, your poor toe!), bad dreams, and surprises along the way ... darn that wall!

    xo Isa