Saturday, March 13, 2010

Storage Solutions

Now that we're putting the finishing touches on the bathroom, I'm quickly resenting that I allowed Scott to talk me out of a built in storage niche in the shower. Because we had to gut the entire shower area, it would have been very easy to install a niche. (above)

They make for easy and convenient storage of those necessary items we use every day. Now, Scott's thinking was accurate in that we have a large closet less than 5 steps from the tub. But honestly, how often do you think he'll remember to put away his bodywash, shampoo, and lotions? I know that I certainly won't do it daily. So - if I had listened to myself, we'd have a niche and there'd be no problem. Now I'm forced to go with the dreaded over the shower head rack!


No, in all seriousness - I'm sure that we have all had these atrocities at one point or another. And no matter if it came in stainless, brushed, bronze, brass - heck plated silver, they're still rusty, soap scummed messes in a month of Sundays, and money washed right down the drain. (No pun intended.) So what's the other option?

Sure = tub suspension trays are gorgeous - but they don't quite fit on the tub we have. So, I suppose it's the storage curtain for us at CDLV:

In all seriousness, it is a concern, and one I'd love to have your input on. So drop a note, leave a comment, or give me a call - what's your best storage option when it comes to those jams and jellies of bath time?


  1. Must say I do love the curtain with storage option ... I've not seen that before.

    I have a pre-fab double-head shower that has all kinds of built-in's for my stuff. Yet, I still forget to carry what I need inside and have to do all sorts of contortions reaching for what I forgot.

  2. We set the few bottles that we have on the tub ledge.

    I wish we had done one of these, too, but was talked out of it as well! The carpenter we worked with said that these shelves can tend to pool water if not done correctly and can cause all sorts of problems- maybe that makes you feel better about your decision?!

    On Apartment Therapy, I've seen pictures of a thin glass shelf installed in the shower area (at the back of the tub), and that was a bit prettier solution since it doesn't get as watery or grungy quickly. We decided against it, though, because we didn't want to drill through our newly-installed tile.

  3. Formerly had the built-ins that were too small for body wash bottles and icky to keep clean.
    When I retiled though I bought some ceramic corner shelves that were installed amongst the staggered brick pattern of the subway tile, as a matter of fact I think the shelves were made by the manufacturer to fit with that tile. I don't know if this is an after tile option though. What about a stainless basket on the stool next to your tub?

  4. We have a suspension pole with metal baskets in the corner of the shower stall, and it works marvelously. I find by keeping a bottle of shower cleaner handy in the bath, I can squirt that surface down while the shower is still running and avoid the ickies!! Good luck!


  5. Okay- BAD Scott! Oh, Artie, I can relate. The builder of this house didn't put in the niche- his thinking was that we have a bench in the shower. Well, who wants the bottles lined up on the bench??! I've tried a pretty pottery pot, but Ray seems to "forget" it's there. Let me know if you get any great ideas
    xoxo Pattie

  6. Never seen that shower curtain before that is too funny! We had one of those hanging things that got rusty and it was gross now everything is on the tub ledge. I'm sure you will find something that looks nice and works for you if you just keep looking!! :)

  7. I used to (eg before kids) take the time to pour our jams and jellies into matching/coordinating plastic style bottles (black lids). That way if they did get left out for a day or two on the bath ledge it wasn't too visually cluttered.

    I saw this also if hung opposite the shower head it might hold up longer.

    Hope that helps.

    Sami G.

  8. Artie, what I came up with s a pretty basket that I put all of it in, shampoo, conditioner, Hair spray. loofah, extra razors. I know, not terribly glamorous, however if you have overnight guests, they like this a lot. If you are having a get together just tuck it away in the laundry/linen closet. I am pretty good at hiding things away!!

    Art by Karena

  9. No suggestions here.....just agreement on the ick factor of the over the shower head rack. In my 110 year old house there is no other option. Good luck!
    Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  10. I just sit my things in the corner of the tub ledge. I've tried the over the shower thing...hate it.

  11. Bad Scott! :) (I have three bathrooms to do, and storage nicheS are definitely part of the plan. You can never have too many of them.)

    The only thing that I can suggest, is think beyond 'bathroom' utility. Perhaps there might be some type of a 'kitchen' caddy that you can adapt for your purpose that would slip over the edge of the tub and/ or suspend from your shower curtain rod' which would be visibly out of sight. (Preferably with drainage.)

    Next project on your 'To-Do List' should be to invent an eye-pleasing one ..... and become verrrrry rich. :) -Brenda-

  12. Artie, not to confuse my suggestion with a kitchen 'waste' caddy, it should have read 'kitchen STORAGE' caddy.

  13. Hi Artie,
    I agree with Pattie on this one... BAD Scott!! When I designed our current master shower I had THREE resessed shelves put in... two are over each other on one wall- one for me and one for hubby for shampoos/bottles; then one (a smaller one) on an opposing wall for soaps only. The tiling company said they had never put in three, but it only made perfect sense to me as one shelf is just not enough for two people to share and then to have to have the soap taking up it's own messy space....
    The trick to not having water pool on them is to have the tiler angle the shelf so that it drains. Works like a peach!
    In our last house had one of the chrome racks and you are right, it would always rust no matter how much you spent on it.
    Now, to the over the tub tray... I too have an anitque tub that the new trays would not fit- too small. But did find a charming wood one at Ikea, and it does span the tub. Hubby will add two rungs, one on each end to make it secure in the tub- but that's a small project compared to not being able to find one that fits.
    good luck! Hope you get some innovative suggestions!

  14. The more set in shelves the better, two things in our shower that are missing are those shelves and a seat, must have both...for a clean neat uncluttered look make sure they are incerted on a wall that is not obtrusive to the eye, hope that makes sense, just make them large enough for jars and bars of soap and sponges...come on over for a visit...Phyllis

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  16. I have no input really. Can you put another decorative curtain over that? Well duh, I'm sure you can, so go for it!

    Justine :o )

  17. My sister just redid her bathroom 5 days ago, I begged her to have the contractors do the niche thing and her husband disagreed (SIGH) I hate the over the shower caddys but in my current state (renting) we have no other option.

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  19. I found the perfect solution...a shampoo dispenser. I found one at Home Depot or Lowe's (I can't remember which) and it has a place for four different things so I have my shampoo in one, the conditioner in another, my husband's shampoo in one and the last holds body wash. It is so convinent and doesn't really need refilled all that often. There are not bottles on the rim of the tub and the pumps are just so great. You might want to consider that.

  20. I am in the process of redoing small bath. I had a premade ceramic niche built into the tile (subway) rather than have one built of the tile. Fewer grout lines to clean. It looks clean and looks like it will be easy to clean. I vote with Karena for a basket to sit outside the shower. Anything beats the over the shower horror.