Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Many Thanks, plus Sinks

I am so grateful for all of the warm compliments on our new 1/2 finished bathroom. We're in the home stretch now, and it shouldn't be too much longer before I can give you a "grand" unveiling of the whole room. So many of you commented on the sink, and I even got a few emails asking me where I got it and the faucet. Both are Nottingham Brass, and I purchased them from Signature Hardware. The sink was a great deal at just $314.95 thanks to the 10% off site sale and free shipping. The faucet was also much cheaper through SH than any other place I looked. Very heavy, perfectly proportioned, and oh so vintage looking, it was well worth the $165.

Of course, we love our sink and new faucet - but in my search for the perfect sink, I came across a few great sinks I think you'll all enjoy! Some odd, some ingenious, others just beautiful - if you're looking to renovate your bathroom - think outside the box and think of one of these options:

My friend Gary, (GinCT) has an amazing home filled with treasures and excellent design. He recently entered and won one of the BoBo brickmakers tables that Brooke Gianetti offered on her blog Velvet & Linen, which goes to show - I'm not the only one that thinks he has great taste! Gary knew that he wanted something interesting and textural when he started renovating his ground floor powder room, and when he came across this European stone trough with a fossil embedded in the mortar at Brimfield Antiques Fair and Show, he knew he had to have it. A base from an old table his mother bought at a yard sale for $5 many moons ago, a piece of a slate tabletop found on the roadside well before the sink was purchased, and a fantastic faucet from Kohler and he and his contractor created this masterpiece that rivals anything you'd see on Gary is a dear, and if you'd like to see more pictures of his fantastic home and gardens take a look at the posts I've written about them here and here.

Then there is Vicky, who writes the great design advice blog: Room Service Decorating 101.

Vicky and her son-in-law put together this counter top (concrete) from scratch! Can you believe it? Just check out that bullnosed edge and smooth top! That screams professional! Not surprising considering how much effort Vicky puts into her beautiful home. After the concrete cured, Vicky and her son-in-law acid stained the counter and put it into place. Now something so custom can come at a pretty hefty price-tag, but thrifty Vicky finished the counter for $153, and topped it with that beautiful bronzed vessel sink - an ebay find for a mere $89! Now, if this doesn't get you motivated to try a concrete counter yourself, I don't know what will. When Vicky first shared this with me, she was kind enough to send along the instructions her son-in-law found to create her counter: here. And if you'd like to view other posts I've had the pleasure of writing about Vicky and her beautiful home, click here.

And venturing even further, into the homes of people I haven't had the pleasure to meet:

So, it just proves that the possibilities are really ALMOST endless when it comes to planning for sinks in your bathroom. Just how creative do you want to be?


  1. you are doing great.. I love number 3


  2. Wow, Artie, Thanks for the great shout out! I loved being in such a wonderful line up...great post as always. vicky

  3. Whoa, the bucket on the stool is awesome !

  4. The ultimate luxury? A fireplace in the bathroom!

  5. Nice surprise, Artie! Appreciate it! All the sinks look great especially yours!
    G in CT

  6. I love how amazingly unique each of your sinks are, very very creative!

  7. My favs have to be Ms. Vicky's and Gary's plus yours of course. So separate in style but all with a personality of their own.

    Artie, under your posting "Phoebe Knows Bathrooms", would you happen to know the source/manufacturer for the flooring tile featured in the 8th photo. (The mosaic, circles). I did several seaches but to no avail. (THANK YOU)

  8. What a sink That beautiful wood!!!! i love it verry much
    I love woods en your char is amazing
    I wil follow your site
    We have te same thaste of design
    Have a verry nice evening