Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sofa Love

If you got a chance to read the interview that Kelley was so wonderful to conduct and post on her super blog: The Polished Pebble, you know that my new crush is the Scalloped Edge Sofa from Wisteria. Of course, the bathroom is taking up all of my time, and most of the inspiring photos I've been looking for and finding have been of bathrooms; but the other day I did log into the Wisteria website to find their new Spring into Spring with fresh Whites and Greens campaign. Of course, you know I love me some green: apple green, citron green, kelley green, primary green - I love green! I especially love green when paired with the rough wheats of burlap and crisp whites of linen and cotton duck.

Of course, I could live with any of the "new" Wisteria spring line, but this sofa has caught my attention, and kept it, for days. When something like that happens - there is definitely a flag that is raised, and I have to start weighing pros and cons. Certainly, I've not been a fan of our current sofa for some time. Scott bought it in San Francisco more than 10 years ago, at a Designer Outlet. The custom sofa was built and upholstered, and then refused by the Designer - so he got it for quite a deal. Still, I'm not a fan. So Pro#1 - I love this sofa, so-so on the current!

It comes in a few colors: white, cream, brown ... but I'm only interested in the cream cover. White feels out of place in our house with it's dark woodwork and exposed brick. So, another pro: there are choices! And at the $1500 price tag, it's not the cheapest sofa on the Internet, but it's certainly not out of my reach if it will weather well.

I've never ordered from Wisteria. I do know that they come highly recommended from Joni at Cote de Texas, and that is usually a seal of approval worth trusting. The scalloped edge sofa from Wisteria isn't a new idea.
High track arm sofas like this one have been around since, well - forever, and they've been modernized and made youthful through various transformations by almost every furniture manufacturer around. A great example is the Knoll sofa which I am sure you all have seen a time or two while blog stalking or flipping through the shelters.
The knoll is known to be a classic sofa - and that's because of it's borrowed lines from the high arm. You can see the gentle angle of the arm and back, but the shape and base is still the same. This one, from Jaysonhomeandgarden.com is $1800. But to show the severe price mile the knoll can travel:

This sofa starts at $5,000 - as shown, $14,300.
And this one starts at $8,000 - pillows not included. So when you start to look at the options that are available to you in a similar shape and style, the $1500 price tag at Wisteria starts looking pretty affordable, doesn't it? Being the bargain hunter I am, though, I did a deeper and more thorough looking, and low and behold:

The Laguna sofa from trade source, Halo Styles. At $1100, it's cheaper than the scalloped edge, and perfect for me, because of it's ecru linen cover. So, at long last, could this be the perfect sofa?


  1. I have to say, that Laguna looks pretty comfy...
    xoxo Pattie

  2. i love that sofa. off to read your interview over at polished pebble!

  3. If you love it, get it! I've left my sofa love twice . . . and I still yearn for it -- a 1920's queen anne sofa with great carved legs. Sigh -- once I couldn't afford it -- the second time it was where would I put it -- I still wish I would have just went ahead and bought the second one!


    So if you love it -- get it!

  4. Artie, I do like the sofa but prior to purchase I would first be tempted to try it out for comfort, then have a look at its construction. -Brenda-

  5. I have been keeping my eye out for a cocoon of a high armed sofa for years...I just don't want all of the pillows. Go for it Artie!

  6. D-d-d-d-delicious! I think the Laguna is the perfect sofa for you! It will look fabulous in your living room and just in time for Spring!
    xo Isa

  7. I like the Laguna Artie. Looks really comfy and the scalloped top is interesting too. Halo styles quality is pretty consistant as well. Tough call here!! But I can't wait to see what you choose, kelley

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  9. All are nice , but I like a lower arm. I had that arm before didn't
    find it to comfortable. Most people sit and put their arm out.
    That is too high for me..
    Pretty post and
    the sofa's look pretty

  10. SO... how do we order that gorgeous Laguna sofa?

    You are right... the web site says trade only. I love it!

  11. I love the Laguna, and the pillows too. Of course you can toss them off. Arrange for reading and tucking one under your legs. Oh wait, you're not using your art $ are you Artie!?

    Art by Karena +

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  13. I like them all. I am thinking of reupholstering ours white. I think with a baby it would be the best since I can just toss it in the washer with clorox and Oxi clean.

  14. My showroom carries the line Feathers. It is the sofa shown that is the highest end. The Isabella Knolle is very comfortable. I know the price is steep; however, it truly is a sofa that you will have for years. Great post!