Saturday, August 28, 2010

Design D'Jour and Super Saver in One!

What a busy week. My interior design studio started Monday, work is always crazy this time of year, and for the life of me I don't know why August is such a wonky money month. Needless to say, if I weren't working today I'd be at home cuddled up in bed with my pillows and remote - taking a much needed break.

So for this weekend we're going to roll Saturday and Sunday posts all into one - because I found some great things I wanted to share with all you!

Olga at Elegantouch on Etsy has some great NEW stuff on her site this week, including these three. I'm in love with the patterns, and the colors are perfect for fall! The 20x20 Duralee ikat is here, the 18x18 chocolate and cream zebra is here, and the 12x16 lumbar pillow in the chocolate and taupe suzani is here. Each of them, along with all of the other new pillows are incredibly priced and having seen her work - I can tell you they're top notch quality! Check her out, and tell her I sent you!

And for your enjoyment, here are some beautiful rooms with ikat, zebra, and suzani pillows:


  1. Great images. In this business it is good to be busy. Sept and March are the two busiest months. Enjoy the process, Kathysue

  2. Great photos! My favorite is the third that room!
    I've added your blog to my sidebar/blog roll~ love it and hope you might do the same!
    Thanks for beautiful inspiration.

    Hope you get that break soon!


  3. I like that strangely different open-weave wicker chair in the last image. I am not sure about the material, just guessing from the pattern. I am glad there was no pillow on the chair. The pillows in this space are not as appealing as those in the first image.

  4. These are wonderful images and give me so many ideas for something different! I linked up to
    vignette Friday yesterday, then realized that I linked not my blog but yours, so if anyone clicked on my photo, they just went back to you. Now that's linking back, lol! I love what you show us here, and it really is making me think about getting out of the decorating "box" I've been in!!

  5. Artie-Love the pictures...really loving that last room...Not one I would want to live in...but love it for someone else! Diana

  6. I liked it all.
    It is a Marvelous post.

  7. A little quirky and feminine number four is my favorite.