Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reminders ...

Please vote in the poll on the side bar if you haven't already. I'd love to know what you have thought about the daily postings I've had here this month.

And don't forget to tune into Emily Henderson's new show "Secrets from a Stylist" tonight on HGTV at 10PM EST. I'll be posting about my thoughts on her new show immediately after, and then posting again on Monday with a little peak at some of the changes happening around CDLV.

Tuesday will be a great Inspiring Spaces post with a designer you may not know yet, and hopefully Wednesday I'll be ready to share my secret!

Thanks for checking in -now just click your favorite on the right and I'll see you again tonight!


  1. Hi Artie, This is a VERY hard VOTE. BECAUSE... I like reading "everything you post", and if I have to pick ONE DAY(not fair to have to choose), I will pick the day I can "See it all". I get to look at everyone's posts AND I can look back at all you've done also...
    I couldn't just VOTE without telling you WHY!

  2. Well Artie, I actually feel a bit guilty about voting for just one thing...but I loved all of the vignettes.

    Honestly, any of your posts are really fun and informative.

    SWAK k

  3. Hi Artie- I only found you a short while ago and so I don't have the "history" with you that some do. I would really be hesitant to vote for just one day. I love every day that you post and I am inspired each and every time I come here. Which one do YOU PERSONALLY like the most? Fess up now! Diana