Monday, August 2, 2010

MONDAY: Around the house with Artie - Kilim Treasure Hunt

In our guest room, we have a closet that is filled - literally - to the ceiling with pillows, rugs, and other interesting textiles that Scott bought when he was in Turkey almost 18-years ago. Now, I did a bit of a post on the Turkish kilim's that we have a long time ago here, but even I was amazed at the vast variety of loot that Scott had scored once I started to dig it all out.

This doesn't even begin to pull back a single layer of that closet, but with the big finish of the living room re-do, the foyer re-arrange, and dinner and wine with friends tonight - it's all I'll have a chance to show you today. On the chair, a saddle bag, circa 1930 - 1940 serves as a decorative pillow, while layers of pillow covers sit on the seat of the leather.

I know, it's hard to tell how many there are - so I'll put them out on the floor for you.

Just the top layer - and still nearly 20 of these things in sizes ranging from 12x12 to 23x23. I wonder if he had any trouble getting these back in to the country?

Of course, I was intrigued by the boxes upon boxes of "stuff" Scott had acquired in his travels when we first met, but became even more interested in them when I had to help load them onto the truck before the move here. (Something about carrying 100's of pounds of SOMEONE ELSE'S junk will do that to you.) So, I asked Scott just what was he thinking when he bought all of these textiles. He responded simply: "They were cheap!" Maybe then ... now these things trade for upwards of $100 each, and we've got them piled in a closet. Hmmm, Ebay? Do I hear you callin' my name?

Here you can really see the saddle bag for its full effect. I drape one side over the back of the chair, and fill the side that you lean against with one of my down inserts. Because there is no convenient way to tie them back, I always make sure that the insert has one of the linen covers on it - just in case.

Now, there's a big hint in these pictures for the "Around the House with Artie" posts to come. There's been a bit of a switcheroo around CdlV. Keep checking back to see what's next - and make sure to come back tomorrow for my inspirational spaces post! See you then!



  1. Oh these are beautiful.
    I love the Slow Me Down # by E Rossum. Sensory overload this morning. Have a good week!

  2. Really cool. I don't have any but love the look. Love Cindy Crawford home and believe she uses lots of textures and kilim. Ebay for sure on some of them....spread the joy! Falling slowly in love with your new music, grows on me. I have to scroll down to the player for it to start; is that by design I wonder, for some who prefer no music? works for me. Like your daily posts, smart man. Busy for you though. Hope the posts are as effortless as your writing style suggests...


  3. I can visualize any one of these in my 'dream cabin' with the huge stone fireplace, tin roof and reclaimed wood floors!

  4. I want to go shopping in your closet Artie! What finds! I can't imagine how Scott actually got all this stuff home! It probably wouldn't be that easy nowadays.
    I'm loving that you are posting everyday. Your theme days are genius! I am now looking forward to tomorrow for your inspirational post. Loved your Sunday Saver post too. You inspire me!

  5. Your music always gets me too. I really appreciate your taste--very similar to mine. Listening to Breath Me by Sia. Nice!

  6. hi carols! Thanks for coming by, and yes - it is quite rewarding writing the posts (even daily) so that I can have fantastic comments like yours! Thanks for dropping in, and please - come again! :)

  7. Oh! These are just beautiful! I have to agree with Helen. They would fit into that sort of decor so nicely along with so many other room styles. I'm quite sure you would have success selling these on ebay!


  8. Wow those are beautiful! Glad your husband thought to purchase them. My husband actually bought a Persian run in Turkey when he was traveling there after college. We still have it.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  9. Just send some of the textiles my way....I'll put them to use! Thanks for sharing. Scrolled thru some of your other posting....great ideas and a great eye. Became a follower! I'll remember your vignette party on Friday. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed your music choices too.

  10. Wow! What a collection. I'm sure that they would sell quickly on ebay. They are really lovely!

  11. Oh my goodness...what did he think he would do with all of these? Ebay sounds like a plan!

  12. These are wonderful... I personally would NOT be able to sell a single one, but you NEED to get them OUT and show them off... Hmmm, I have a fantastic camel harness in one of my bedrooms that is SCREAMING for a few of these... NO DON'T sell them on ebay!!!