Sunday, August 1, 2010

SUNDAY: Sunday Saver

I love to shop. Go figure, right? But seriously, there is a thrill in finding a bargain, especially a BIG bargain on an item that's immediately recognizable. On my Sunday Saver posts, I hope that I can save you a bit of time, *and money* by giving you a side by side comparison of high and low.

To make this even more enjoyable, I'll take the room of a designer and show you how to create a very similar space for much, much less. This week, we'll use this Thomas Pheasant Breakfast room, which I have always loved:

The space itself is glorious, with a seemingly endless wall of french paned doors, and that view to the grounds beyond - but this room is achievable for a less grand space, and on a smaller scale for much much less! How, you ask?

Sure, creative shopping means creative solutions - so there will be a bit of elbow grease or extra expense of having a few things professionally sprayed, but once it's finished - you'll still end up with a room worthy of applause that didn't break the bank! Sticking with the color palette we were afforded with the inspiration picture, we'll play with the cream and clay tones - but with this option, the possibility of color is endless.

My major can't miss points:
the chairs. The chairs in the TP room are instantly recognizable, and add to the geometric play the room has going for it. You can skip the octagonal table in favor for the round one (pictured) but the chairs have to remain a pairing of the round and square elements to really have a similar look. These chairs are missing the fabric back, but otherwise are an exact copy - and about $1500 cheaper PER CHAIR!
the lantern. I think that keeping the lantern open at the top and bottom, like our inspiration lantern, and mimicking the very linear lines, keeping them narrow at the bottom and wide at center gives us a less intricate, but still perfectly stunning fixture. If you're thinking of painting it - as suggested here - think about having a professional spray it in the color of your choice for just about $40!


Chairs, Sitcom Furniture DecO side chair available for only $170/each - shipping included

Table, Canterville Round Dining Table available in black or wood grain for $299+$120 freight shipping

Lantern, Savoy House Ellijay Outdoor Hanging Lantern available for $127.65 - shipping included

Fabric, Upholstery in Rust, Clay, and Gold available for $5.95/yard + $4.99 flat "special" shipping

Paint for Chairs, Martha Stewart Bone Folder available at Home Depot (pricing See Below)

Paint for Lantern, Martha Stewart October Leaf available for $2.94/sample, $13.97/quart, $25.97/gallon

Total Cost? $1568.00 INCLUDING 3 gallons of paint, shipping costs, and professional spraying rates of $50/chair, and $40 for the lantern. WOW!

Do you have a designer room for inspiration you'd like me to shop for less? Send me the inspiration photo and I'll post it here during our Sunday Savers! Tune in tomorrow for Around the House with Artie. We'll be going through the collection of Turkish kilim!


  1. What a clever idea -- it is always nice to get a look for much less -- thanks for doing this. I would also assume that for a bit more money an upholsterer could put fabric in the back of those chairs.

  2. Artie...
    I'm lovin' both of those tables, and what a deal on the round one! I think, that an industrious DIYer could put upholstry on the backs of those chairs. I'd give it a whirl! :-)
    Nice idea you have for your new features.

  3. Artie, Yesterday I was in a high end furniture shop looking for ideas. A woman was with her designer and they chose a small black distressed night stand for $1200.00! I could have found a very similar one at a flea market or used furniture store, painted and distressed it for under $50.00! I love that you show ways to have a beautiful home without spending a fortune.

  4. Wow, you did a fabulous job of shopping for this room. It is stunning and I am totally in love with the colors. I am redoing my familyroom in the clay/orange colors and love this scheme. Wonderful ideas and suggestions for copying this room. Hugs, Marty

  5. Amazing job, Artie!
    I'm amazed at the price of that lantern.
    The table has great details.


  6. What a great idea. I really need to get back to blog reading. I've missed so much.