Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TUESDAY: Inspring Spaces by Sarah Richardson

I'm quite enjoying sharing with all of you the designers I take great inspiration from, I certainly hope that you are too! So much of who we are as designers (formally trained or otherwise) is what we're willing to do. How far we're willing to travel from our "one trick pony" so that we can dive deeper into the artistry that true designers freely spill. It's a part of what we do everyday - whether we want to or not - whether we know we're doing it or not - but still when we start working on a project many of us stay so firmly planted in what we know will work - afraid to take a big leap.

Canadian television design host, star of Sarah's House and Design Inc., Sarah Richardson is that designer that allows me to explore, experiment, and experience interior design. Her designs are personal and practical - while being widely popular and uber sophisticated. She marries the feminine and masculine perfectly, and creates rooms that are instantly recognizable as what I like to call "Sarah Rooms" without being overly commercial.

The first time I ever witnessed the extreme talent of Sarah was when I watched a later episode of Sarah's House, Season 2.

This bedroom in the basement of her flip house just outside of Toronto - a few minutes from me - was beautiful, and showcased colors I love. But it was more than that. To date, I've not found ONE television designer that created a room that made me react so positively. It was young, fresh, beautiful, totally designer finished and her bubbly personally walked us through nearly every step on how to do it ourselves. Now, that is what we television design voyeurs crave!

I immediately DVR'ed each and every episode that followed, including all of the episodes of Sarah's House 1 and 3, and Design Inc. which used to air on FLN. Shame shame shame on Fine Living Network for going all food. Shame.

So just like every week, I'll leave you now to enjoy some of my favorites from Sarah's vast portfolio. Take a look here, then head over to her website to see more!

Next Tuesday I've got a great design post I know you're all going to love - so make sure to come back and check it out - it's a feast for the eyes - on all accounts!


  1. I found Sarah just recently and I love what she did to that older home -- that's more my style!

    I love what she did to the child rooms in that house!

  2. Artie, this is so not my "typical" style, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sarah- her look is so beautiful and so liveable!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Artie -- thanks for adding the country pictures -- I absolutely adore everything she did there! I could (well almost could) leave Linderhof for tht house -- and it's totally different but I just love that house!

  4. I’ll be honest in that I don’t know Sarah’s work so thank you for introducing me to it. She looks like a very talented and diverse designer and I can’t wait to go see more of her work. Thank you again!

  5. I love Sarah's work! I so agree about FLN. It was one of my favorite channels. We already have the Food Network and HGTV should be renamed the Real Estate Channel. What is left ?!?!?

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Sarah Richardson. She has a beautiful style--a little more modern for me, but I love it!

  7. I've caught a few episodes of Sarah's House and enjoyed so very much.

    I'm on a bit of a bloggy break this week, but will try to get something together for Vignette Friday. Sounds like a fun event and one right down my alley.

  8. I am simply drinking in all of these pictures! I love them.

    This is one of the first chances that I have had to enjoy blogs since being out of town last week. I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my tablescape. (Colonial Blues) I love your tent settings! They are stunning to me.

    Once I catch a breath, I want to sit down and really enjoy the vignettes from Friday too. Your site is so full of inspiration that I can hardly take it all in.


  9. I love Sarah, too. I find her look to be completely "liveable." I often see so many design images that take my breath away, but I end up saying "I couldn't live there -- it isn't real enough." I think she captures the beauty and the real-life in one hand. Thanks for sharing.

  10. These rooms and photos are beautiful, Artie! I wouldn't mind having any of them in our home....Christine

  11. I totally agree..Sarah is my favorite TV designer. She's a little different than my typical style, but I could live in her rooms with no problem! She has a knack for marrying old with new in a way that most just can't seem to grasp.
    I've been a fan of hers since 'Room Service' years ago!
    BTW...she and Tommy Smythe both have facebook and twitter accounts. :-) Tommy is pretty good too!
    PS...off to Bouckville tomorrow!

  12. Artie-Beautiful!!!! We do not get that channel in this area and I have not been lucky enough to have watched her show. How awful though to think that the designers have been replaced by food network choices. I have seen that happening here, more and more, with fine designers disappearing into obscurity.

    The rooms you are showing are absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see what you have upcoming. Your posts are delightful! Diana

  13. I adore the farm house. I think I love fabric almost as much as she does--wish I had her budget! I love Tommy too! I like the room you chose, but my favorite is the bedroom with the 4poster bed! Great post!

  14. While I find that I absolutely love Sarah's Design I can't watch her shows. There is something about it that puts me off about her personality. I don't know why because she is extremely talented. I can looked at the pictures of her designs all day long though. I feel like her spaces are very liveable.

    I know, I'm strange.

  15. Love Sarah Richardson, to me she can do no wrong. I impeccable taste and a keen eye on what can be transformed. Did you ever get to see her earlier shows called Room Service. She was just new to TV and always adorable,hands on and talented. I actually have some of her episodes locked so I can watch and study them over and over. When she did Karens home in the country on Design Inc. I about fell out of my chair, It is my dream home!!! Kathysue