Thursday, September 16, 2010

FRIDAY: Vignette Fridays

Happy Friday! Oh, and if this is your first time here, WELCOME! And please, consider becoming a follower on the right sidebar. I can hardly believe that we've been putting together beautiful vignettes for each other and the blogging world for 7 weeks, can you?

Each week you all blow me away with your beautiful vignettes created with the most beautiful objects. It's really special getting to take a peak at some of your most treasured collections, and I thank you for sharing those with me, and with everyone who passes through your blog via Color Outside the Lines.

This week, I showed you some recent pictures of the house, one of which included this vignette:

This all sits atop a 3.5' square Pottery Barn ottoman covered in a beautiful harvest colored paisley. Many times decorating such a large space meant to serve so many purposes, the items can look disparate. I find that the best way to remove that feeling is to add a tray, and layer atop it. The best part is, when it's time to use the ottoman for seating - off the tray comes and down the bottoms go!

I had hoped to get some new pictures up for you - but I'm sure there will be loads of inspiration in the links below. I ask that you all say a kind word today for Scott, as he experienced a great loss tonight. Ariel, a cat that Scott has been a kind and loving pet parent to for more than 17 years has left us. As you can imagine, it's quite hard for him, and I'll be spending the necessary time away from the blog this weekend to be there when he needs me.

So, I'm leaving the linky up extra long - feel free to put something together and throw it on at anytime! You're all the best! The button to post on your blog this week is here:

Please post it to let everyone know that you are participating, and direct them back to Color Outside the Lines to see all of the other vignettes! Just below, you'll find where you can add your link thanks to inlinkz!