Monday, September 20, 2010

SUNDAY: Two Things

I shop everyday. I shop for me, I shop for Scott, I shop for friends, I shop for clients ... I love to shop. And nothing is quite as wonderful as finding a bargain worth sharing. I hope to make this a regular post each week, giving you inspirational pieces at a price you can afford!

Here's what 2 things I'm obsessed with this week:

1. The IKEA HENRIKSDAL Slipcovered Dining Chair with Armrests $99

I actually sat in this chair a few weekends ago when we took a trip with our friends Rick and Michael to the IKEA in Pittsburgh. They're comfy, sturdy, and beautifully sized - perfect for a formal dining room or casual breakfast nook. They're available of course in the standard white slip through IKEA, however, you can order a custom slipcover to fit the Henriksdal frame through in about 40 different fabrics, all of which you can order samples of before deciding on the slipcovers - which range in price from $69 - $139.

I literally can not wait for an excuse to use these!

2. Martha Stewart Paint : Silhouette Almost Black

I recently finished a project with this beautiful black from Martha Stewart Living line of paints available at Home Depot. I absolutely love it! Better yet, the MSL paints come in a perfectly sized 8oz. tester in an eggshell finish perfect for side tables, behind bookshelves, cabinets, and the like.

Stick around, I plan on showing you what I've done with this paint on Thursday.


  1. I love the IKEA chairs! The couches they sell with slipcovers are pretty great too, if you need a couch with a stylish look but without a high price.

  2. I won't rant about IKEA right now... I'm super pissed at them and sadly have vowed to never purchase another thing from them... I'll move on to the Martha Stewart paint and tell you that I am going to get some to paint some frames. It looks like the perfect almost black!! Thanks for the tip! Oh, and I love the bottle too!

  3. That's a great chair. I shared the post with my daughter; she really likes that silhouette. Thank you for sharing your great finds with us. Cherry Kay

  4. Great post .. I love IKEA!!!! And Sarah too ~ every time I watch her, I think of you!

    Isa's treasures are just that and it's time for more shopping!

  5. Martha's new color is very cutting edge and sure to be popular. Still wary about IKEA furniture as I understand it doesn't come with any warranties...


  6. Love these chairs and I found Bemz awhile ago and was excited to see all the options in fabs. Great post Artie, I love the fact that you are a shopper that will share your tips, Thank you, KATHYSUE

  7. Artie- Thanks for shopping FOR me and finding the deals. I have NO time to shop-work and grandkids eat up my life...that and that I am blogging I have NO life! (unless you call this living);>)

    Ikea chairs are very cute...wondered if they were comfortable and it seems they are? We live in the Midwest and the nearest Ikea is about 2 hours away. I am going down next time I hace off with my daughter...she said we MUST spend the day there~

    You're a good soul, Artie! Hugs- Diana

  8. I am so excited! I have been looking at these Ikea chairs for quite a while but wanted something other than the white slipcover. Thanks for the info on Bemz!!

  9. Thanks for the heads up about all the goodies. I'm dying to try out the MSL paint since it's exactly what I've been looking for!

  10. Those slip covers are great.



  11. Thanks for the shopping tips. That chair is such a bargain. Can't wait to see what you did with the paint too. And will check out the cross bottles.

  12. Great paint color Artie....need to use that somewhere.

    I really like Ikea too but sometimes feel like the furniture is sort of like a paper plate....disposable, but I've never sat in that chair, so I trust you!!!

    xx kelley

  13. Just wanted to add that some of IKEA's pieces may not be great, but many are. We have bookcases from IKEA that we bought when we lived in Europe 23 years ago. They have made several moves, and are still expected to last another few decades. True, they are not high end pieces, but they ARE workhorses, and for the price point, they delivered.

  14. heading to IKEA this weekend. Loving those chairs BTW, and the Martha color is so in right now