Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Samantha Pynn

Many of my Canadian readers will know the name Samantha Pynn, but some of my American Readers may not have had a formal introduction. Samantha is a decorator, stylist, and the host and principal designer of Pure Design on HGTV. HGTV Canada airs more episodes of Pure Design than HGTV in the states, after all, they have to make time for the real estate voyeur shows, right? She's also the Contributing Design Editor for STYLE AT HOME magazine and a columnist for the National Post, both in Canada.

Samantha started her design/decor career as a location scout for commercials and music videos in Toronto. After a few years of searching for beautiful and specific venues for a host of different themes, she moved onto Style at Home (Canada) magazine. As Design Editor, she filled the pages of Style at Home with fresh and innovative ideas, hot decor trends and colors, and some of the biggest stories and most beautiful scouted homes the magazine had ever seen.

After a regular spot on a Canadian prime-time talk/design/lifestyle show, Samantha's flirty and charismatic personality caught the eye of HGTV and her show, Pure Design took flight. Each episode was better than the one before it, as Sam worked with her clients to create personal, layered and inviting interiors. Her belief: that you don't have to sacrifice high style in order to create an eco-friendly home. In each episode, she transforms everyday, outdated rooms into stunning, sustainable living spaces packed with imaginative ideas and accessible, takeaway tips that are easy on the budget and even better for the earth! From nurseries and bedrooms to kitchens, living and dining rooms, they were all perfectly thought out, perfectly layered, and perfectly beautiful.

Now, along with her design associates, Julia Black and Malcolm Patterson, Sam has launched Design Binders. A paint-by-numbers design service for people who want a personalized space, and a master design plan, which they can easily implement themselves. Check out her personal website for more photos from her portfolio at http://www.samanthapynn.com/ and if you're looking to catch up on some episodes here in the states, you can catch the show (or set your DVR) to HGTV on Wednesday's at 3:30pm. Without further ado, Samantha Pynn:

All photos provided courtesy of photographer Virginia Macdonald : http://www.virginiamacdonald.com/


  1. Where do I start? I am happy to see the cuffed draperies come back. The ceiling fan is fantastic and the log table. I will use my green and white Lattice slip cover in the spring now that you have shown that green /white fabric.
    Sure wish I had all that dining room paneling in my home. Great post

  2. Wow, those lamps in the last photo are fabulous! Any idea where they're from??

  3. Love all the natural light -- looks bright and beautiful. Love those chairs.

  4. Just when I thought I knew every show that aired on HGTV!!! I will keep my eyes open for her.

  5. So clean and fresh her look is! Thanks for introducing us, I was unaware of her show, and I've been dying for something new on the ever so stale house-hunters channel!!!! HGTV should be featuring her in prime time.

  6. Artie- I had never heard of her but WOW! She is wonderfully talented, isn't she?

    That second picture? That is just a blissfully blue space...and although I am not a big blue person..I am loving that!

    Great showcase you did for her, Artie! Hugs- Diana

  7. Her style is one that I would be confortable with. Stylish but confortable enough. The bedrooms are amazing and the second pic...breathless!
    Great post!!!

  8. I love it when I come across a post where every image is stunning and this is one of those posts! Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful designer.

  9. GREAT rooms.. I stole the photo of the green and white chair... will make a FAB painting... glad I popped over!!!

  10. You had introduced me to Pure Design previously, and I agree, Samantha is very talented. She has an appeal to a large spectrum of everyday folk with everyman sensibilities. Proving high design is not only for those in the upper income brackets. You can stretch a dollar with a little design and buying know how.

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