Monday, December 6, 2010

Update: Adirondack Lux - Lewiston Tour of Homes

Finally, I feel alive again! Today concluded the amazingly well attended Lewiston Tour of Homes 2010. This Christmas themed tour of homes (5 in total) is very popular in this area, and with my first opportunity to be a part of this event coming with a pretty high bar, I did my best, and I hope you liked it.

House 1: The Wright House (Adirondack Lux)

75 feet of ribbon and mostly artificial greens made up the primary dressing on the mantel, but I did manage to fit in pinecones, fresh boxwood, cedar, eucalyptus and magnolia leaves, along with all of those gorgeous gold and copper glittered magnolia and fern prawn picks.

No one lives in a cabin without a pair of binoculars (or two) for a quick view at the birds outside.
I purposely left the tree undecorated, and lit simply with white lights. I wanted your full attention to be paid to the mantel and to the rest of the room. The fresh scent of the fir was a beautiful addition to the ambiance.
Cloved oranges and paperwhites just about to bloom made for perfect accessories.

The telescoping wooden plate from The Inglenook Decor was absolutely perfect for my business cards. Everyone loved the many telescoping stands from Inglenook, and you will too! Head over before Christmas to enjoy her many discounted prices!

The knotty pine wall and original stone fireplace is what inspired my theme, but I didn't want it to be "lodge-y" alone, I really wanted a lux flair, so enter beautiful rugs, blue and white porcelains, and the tartan plaid.

With help from Allison (aka Margaret) and her kids, I had a whole bowl of cloved oranges, which offered an incredible scent to the room.

Simple cut stumps from a tree that came down near my office make great stools!

And the tartan screen was a HUGE hit! And how could it not be really? 7' tall and 6' wide! It's a statement for sure! Thanks to Scott and Allison for helping me put that together! It turned out beautifully!

So there you have it - house one. What do you think?