Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kitchen Plans

Today, Scott and I were out at Home Depot, looking at nothing in particular, when we stumbled upon kitchen cabinets. It got us both thinking about our impending kitchen renovations, and just how beautiful it could look with some ingenuity, sweat, and hard work. Course, my design ideas won't hurt.

So imagine my surprise to find this gorgeous kitchen I just had to share. Though most of these beautiful options simply won't work at CDLV, it's great inspiration. Enjoy:

The happy owners, entrepreneurs Jonathan King and Jim Stott, owners of Stonewall Kitchen. Check it out, you'll love it. I already ordered a whole box full of stuff while writing this post!


  1. Beautiful Artie I love the wood floors as well as the white!

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    Art by Karena

  2. Oh what gorgeousness...

    I love that white rooster on the island...weird me, all those gorgeous things around and I notice a rooster.

    And I love its fresh look...and the shelves are fab:)

  3. Love that kitchen!!! Sadly, with the size of Linderhof's kitchen that's all I can do -- lust after it!

  4. Gorgeous! I don't think that there is a single thing about this space that I don't love. That is some inspiration room! Kat

  5. Buy from IKEA or Home Depot and get a good contractor to install them. Then go nuts with th emoney you saved on lighting, countertops and hardware.

    It works for me everytime!

  6. Hi Artie, I love the natural wood and the white together. Warm and clean at the same time. And, don't they just make the best stuff?

  7. love, love their kitchen!! We stop in at Stonewall Kitchen when we go to Maine (trip planned for after the snow this week;) The shop is to die for too, and great food! Sadly, they don't allow photos:( think I will plead ignorance and just take some next time.... no more good-southern-girl and asking!!!

    hope you are staying warm and that this storm doesn't get you... we are looking at 20 :O!

  8. la la la love the kitchen counter tops!

  9. A nice interior for kitchen you posted here.It is good.

  10. Wow! how can I do to my Kitchen.It is really good.

  11. Artie, be sure and see Martha Stewarts line of cabinets at Home Depot.