Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday: Inspiring Spaces by Laura Baker

Have you ever read Renovation Style? It's a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Magazine, and I'm not quite sure how I got on the mailing list - but I'm glad I did because it introduced me to the charming Victorian cottage of Interior Designer, Laura Baker.

Together with Lisa Mykleby and Muffin Tullos, Laura has a beautiful home interiors store in South Carolina called M Home & Garden & Interiors which offers an array of home and garden items, as well as boutique interior design service to a range of budgets and needs. Their beautiful website has shots of their stores in Historic Downtown Beaufort, and Habersham, as well as photos of recent interior design work.

When I got to the first interior shot of Laura's charming 1475 square foot cottage, I fell in love. The custom wall cabinet by Peter Gamble in it's rough hewn consistency and acid etched mirror panels was all I needed to see to know that Laura and I would have a similar love for the juxtapose of rough and refined. Paired with a beautiful flamed mahogany console, flanked by antique chairs and weighted by a KWIT oval ottoman it has officially become my number one photo in a book of inspiring vignettes.

I hope you find her home and the store's website as wonderfully inspiring as I have. Without further ado: Laura Baker:


  1. Laura's home is just stunning! I'lI have to look for the magazine or stop in her shop sometime when I am down that way. Beaufort is a beautiful town. I am in love with the gorgeous kitchen and dining room, The light fixture is beautiful.

    Thanks, Artie!


  2. Just lovely...when are you going to tell us about the gold painting from a few posts ago?

    Tomorrow I will post 7 fascinating, riveting, intriguing facts about me - -ok, it might not be that exciting, but I will give it a shot - thanks again for the "shout out"

  3. Just popped over from All About Vignettes. I remember you from The Nate Show... you were fab!!
    So happy to find you :)
    I'll be back often.

  4. I used to read Renovation Style all the time - not sure why I stopped. I love this home! I am such a color person that I typically would not be attracted to this, but she has used such gorgeous pieces with different shapes, finishes,fabrics, mix of textures - it is all just beautiful. I want that kitchen - every detail is perfect! Thanks for sharing with us.