Friday, March 18, 2011

Bravo! Bravo

Bravo! Bravo, for giving the decophiles something savory to enjoy ... afterall, HGTV has gone realtor. Though printed in this month's Elle Decor as premieres April 7th, there is no guarantee on the website for that date.

All we do know is that if and when the series begins, we'll enjoy the insider view of some very well-noted designers. Which ones? From left to right in the photo above: Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Alan Marks (seated), Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland, and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Personally, as a die-hard fan of Mary McDonald's work, I am very excited to see her process; but all of these Los Angeles designers are in a league of their own, and will make for fabulous television. Wanna sneak peak of their work?






Looks like it's gonna be a hit, right? Martyn Lawrence Bullard is no stranger to television. He was cast on Discovery Channel's 2006 one-season series: "Material World", which seems to have been a very similar concept - following America's most noted and well-paid Interior Decorators and Designers. Though Material World (which I regretfully missed 4 episodes of) didn't have a repeat run, Bravo's got quite the reputation for taking reality television and making it a nation-wide sensation! (i.e., the Real Housewives, Million Dollar Listing, etc..)

No matter, I've got fingers and toes crossed waiting for the premiere. It's been a while since I've had a guilty pleasure in design tv. Will you be tuning in?


  1. Oh Artie...I'm going to have to look at it. I'm kinda tired of all the real estate on HGTV was sorta novel when they atarted...but you think the programmers would notice that about 80% of the programming is RE...Hmmm...anyway..I've been watching a lot of DIY channel lately! Tons of do-it-yourselfers and old houses being restored etc...worth a look I'd say.:-)

  2. I hadn't heard about this show, thanks for sharing. I too am going to lose it if I see another episode of House Hunters.

  3. OMG I'm in!!! Love Bravo and so excited about this one, I have been in D.C. for 2 weeks babysitting the Grands and no time for TV here so I had no idea Thanks for sharing!!

  4. This would no doubt be my new favorite show!

  5. Mary McDonald.....Can't begin to say how much I love her!! I think her fierce fashion sense is AMAZING!!


  6. Arty this is great I am so glad to see this, I never watch Hgtv any more because of the shows they have on there, except for Candace Olson. Have you seen the new show on DIY Family under construction. It is pretty good a lot of hands on going on in the show. I have been enjoying that. Thank you for letting us know about his new Bravo show!! Yay,Kathysue

  7. Sounds exciting! I watch Bravo all the time but never knew about this new show coming to television. I'm definitely going to tune in. You're absolutely right about HGTV. They have "gone realtor". You're so funny! That should be their new name now. Ha! Thanks for letting us know about this new show. Hope it's as good as it looks!

  8. I wish we could get Bravo here in Munich, but I guess I'll have to hold out until we move back or see if I can watch it online?? It sounds like it will be fabulous though!!!

  9. haha had just posted the same image of Katheryn Ireland's design on my blog today :-) But OMG, YES!!!! Heard of this show last week and got soooo excited, but then I said "great! like I need another show from Bravo to be hooked on" LOL Looking forward to it. Thanks for the sneak peek too Artie.

  10. I'll be watching. I couldn't agree with you more that HGTV has gone all real estate!

    Just recently found your blog and have enjoyed catching up!

  11. I can't wait! I am sick and tired of House Hunters. They NEVER pick the one they should anyway.

  12. ACK! I thought I was the only one that remembered "Material World". I LOVED that show. A one-season wonder is right. What a disappointment. Why isn't there an Interior Design channel? Hell, let's just get it over with!!! Not that I don't love my beloved design blogs but getting my fill from Sarah's House and Candace is just not enough.


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