Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Trumeau House

In love with this beautiful Baton Rouge home of design savvy Mia James and her family featured in Southern Living here. Loved it so much in fact, that I have decided to add a trumeau at CDLV. Of course, I can't quite afford a $4,000 mirror, but I can make one! Stay tuned ...


  1. This is my new all time favorite house. I will be saving this issue forever. I love the oversized chandy and the casual tradition of every room.
    I cannot wait to see your home. Are you finished yet? Is it ready for it's close-up? :)

  2. Gorgeous. I could live there very happily. Stunning rooms. Hugs, Marty

  3. Enjoyed this post very much. Can hardly wait to see your mirror. Please share details of how you made it in a post! Thanks.

    Karen T.

  4. It's a great room...and I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the mirror AND when do we get to see the new living room?

  5. Happy Sunday Artie! I love that SL article too! Can't wait to see how you incorporate a trumeau. SJR

  6. Hmmmmm. Do show, Sir!

    Yes...that is a lovely home.

  7. Can't wait to see your finished project as I'm sure it will be superb.
    Hugs -Brenda-

    P.S: FYI and slightly off topic, if you ever wish to duplicate a 'relief' (architectural carved detail) that will be painted over, here is a list of supplies and the method:
    1) Florist Putty to make the mould.
    2) Vaseline (or cooking oil).
    Apply a light coat of vaseline to the 'relief' you wish to copy.
    Take a wad of florist putty (thick enough so it doesn't break upon removal) and press it well into/over the design. Let harden. Carefully remove.

    3) Plaster of Paris which will end up as your duplicate (copy).
    4) Sandpaper, various grades. I have found an emery-board works well.
    Apply a thin layer of vaseline to the mould if you feel it needs more.
    Mix Plaster of Paris according to manufacturer's instruction and pour into mould. Let harden.
    Remove. You now shud have a duplicate.
    Lightly sand to perfection.

    5) No More Nails for securing the
    'duplicate' to your project.
    6) Paint.
    No More Nails is an 'adhesive' product name that can be found in most Hardware Stores.
    You may wish to apply a coat of primer to your new 'relief' prior to painting.

    This duplication method works exceptionally well for small projects. ie: I've used it on damaged ornate picture frames where sections have required replacement.

  8. Hi Artie, I've been enjoying looking through your recent posts. I've lusted after a trumeau mirror for years so I'm really excited to see what you come up with and I love Brenda's instructions on how to make a mould!

    Hugs, B.