Saturday, June 4, 2011

A change in the CDLV Gardens

The Gardens at CDLV are really pretty special. Not in the "oh my garden is so much better than yours" sorta way. They're special in that I knew absolutely nothing about gardening when I planned, designed, and planted them. So every year, when I get to see the green come back up through the freshly thawed ground, I smile and say - how special! Last year I didn't spend as much time as I wanted in the garden. I started out with the best of intentions - but due to some challenges to great to bare, I threw in the towel and let the gardens fend for themselves.

So this year I've got a project in mind, and I wanted to get your thoughts. See that area to the far left of the picture above? That had been my project last year. The addition of our fountain and a new reclaimed brick radial. Now I'm in the mood for change, and due to my lack of interest in cleaning up last fall, I have to either redo the radial or put in something completely new. Drumroll please ... The inspiration:



  1. That is one lovely garden...

    I haven't been able to spend much time in our garden too, and now I'll missing some flowers in there. If only I had some time to plant some.

  2. If you do the squares with plants between, be sure to take into consideration the upkeep/maintenance when choosing the plants. I love the look :)

  3. Love your inspiration! I had Tara Dillard (she rocks) come to my house and she suggested I use flagstone with lemon tyme around my pool, have not done it yet but determined to do so by the end of this summer! Can't wait to see what you do. XXOO SJR

  4. As you and I share the same climate and we both have deciduous and coniferous trees to contend with, the first thought that comes into mind is 'maintenance'. I know for myself when I see little seedlings growing between my 'sealed' patio stones they actually amaze me, whereas the issue of weeds a...nnoy me (@^%#)! As for fallen leaves wedged between stones, that is a whole different subject. So in a nutshell, you may wish to ask yourself the question, will you be able just to mow the area?
    Footnote: Not considering myself a Gardner I have since applied my culinary expertise to the situation (winks) and have discovered a few dashes of winter road salt works beautifully on said weeds 'n seedlings as it kills them dead! Landscaping Herbicides are prohibiited in our province so you have to be inventive. :)

  5. I love garden design and your yard looks beautiful!!
    I love grass with pavers in a design, but my preference for your yard is to redo the radial.... I think it provides a soft interest and keeps your eye moving/flowing throughout the yard making the yard feel even larger. I almost think the strong pattern would command attention;) and chop up the space. Because of all the strong rectangular features of your house, the neighbors house, the garage, and the garage roofs that the round radial provides a nice and needed softness. Now, if you want or need the space for entertaining then the pavers/grass would be great too. Look forward to seeing what you decide upon!

    happy weekend! talk soon;)

  6. this ground "cover" would be soo cool. I could see a darling bench on it, a couple of small end tables, got to put a drink somewhere, and that would be it.. pretty cool idea. I want to see it when it's finished!

  7. Love it Artie !!!!!! Any one will do.

  8. Interestingly, my husband and I had this conversation the other night when we went out to dinner on Oneida Lake. The grass was growing up betweent their bricks and I said that I like the look...his thought was that they were too lazy to "kill the growth". I like the look, however it takes a lot of effort to make sure you have "good grass" rather than whatever chooses to grow there. I have seen it look crappy because weeds grow up higher than the grass. Another challenge is walking on it with heels (I doubt you wear high heels)because they sink down when women don't expect to. And individual pavers do not always stay flat and shift easily - I am sure our delightful winter weather doesn't help. Just some thoughts to ponder!!

  9. Artie,
    Sorry I haven't been visiting but with the move to Houston from Buffalo and being sick for a month and a half,blogging has gotten away from me!
    I say do it! I love the fact that the grass can be cut with the mower.It will be easy upkeep especially if you don't have time to spend tending it.
    You are so creative, I know it will be splended!
    I will check backi to see your progress...missing Buffalo alot!
    Thanks for sharing your yard.
    Blessings My Friend,

  10. Love this idea, have wanted to do it myself! Looking forward to seeing your finished product, I'm sure it will inspire me to get moving on my version.

  11. I love the paver stones with moss in between: But then I am bias since I just did the same thing to my own home:
    And I love your blog -- keep up the beautiful work!

  12. Hello People...i've been looking for a long time where can i buy those rectangular stepping stones. The max that I have seen is 20x20...can anybody help?