Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: My Take

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't yet watched the show, take a break, watch it, then come back. Otherwise ... I just finished watching the show, and I have to say, I feel normal! Don't you? As much as I adore the work of these 5 glorious designers, their larger than life personalities (perfect for reality television) is at points a little unbelievable.

We start out with Mary. Sweet, sweet Mary, who I love even more than I did before. She's self diagnosed as "kooky", loves glamorous design (or rather finds that it loves her) and turns out is the pied piper of the gays ... so why wouldn't I still be in love? This episode chronicles the design of Luxe Hotel Baron Efrem Harkham and his (now ex)wife Kendra. Turns out, the house was put on the market for $9.2M way back in August of last year, before it sold for $7.73M just 5-months ago. I guess it's easy to see why they throw around the idea of million dollar budgets, or heck, no budget at all. That particular house shows up in Mary's new book: The Allure of Style. I own the book, and I have to tell you - it's a must have! Wanna see more of the house in this episode??

Suffice it to say, she's probably my favorite ... always was, and still is. I can't wait to see what else manifests itself in her world throughout the series. Now, for quick thoughts on the others:

Martyn Lawrence Bullard: Ummm ... you know, I had the same feeling about him when he was on Discovery's "Material World". I simply can't relate to him ... and I'm wondering if that accent is real!?

Kathryn Ireland: Honey, I wouldn't get out of bed for less than $1M, either. If you can still pay the bills, however, with a standard that high - well congratulations! Gorgeous, colorful interiors that match her equally colorful personality ... she reminds me so much of my mother I can hardly stand it!

Jeffrey Alan Marks: So cute. Really. It's too bad we didn't get to see more of his designs in this episode, but don't worry - I've got my feelers out ... we'll see more of him soon.

Nathan Turner: what can I say really!? I think there are a lot of people that would say he and I have a lot (personality speaking) in common. I think he's sweet, and vibrant, and someone people naturally would gravitate to! His store is stunning, thought out of my budget, and having reviewed his designs already - I find him vastly talented. I know he's sure to please this season!

So, what were your thoughts? Are you setting your DVR to record the entire season? Would you like to see recaps each Wednesday on Color Outside the Lines? Let me know, and we'll talk soon!


  1. Hi, just saw the first episode. Great program with interesting design characters. This show will certainly be on my "to watch list". Enjoyed reading your comments about the designers in this post.

    Sheila in S.F.

  2. Hey Artie,
    if all just went right, then i am your newest follower because of this here blog post about the show...

    i can't beleive i missed teh first,yes! i'd love to see your take on it each week...

    i was thinking "hmmm tuesdeee, tuesddee tuesdeee, not dancing with stars results, batchelorette i taped last night, hmmmm american idol season is over, christina's voice is mondays...what was tuesday night supposed to be?? housewives? which city???.....

    came in here to try to work on my new little blog and see you on one of my old RMS friends blogs and your title of this post about the millionare decorators show...

    after i recovered from bonging myself in the noggin for missing it, i clicked and found your blog...

    ok.......i'm not a designer, just an ole homemaker, but i love design and collect (obsesses with) decorating mags all my life so figured i'd say hey since i'm following you now!

    please do recap the show...i will see if they run it again this week and if not.....will be ''taping season''....maybe i'll get lucky and find out i already did that prior to tonight!1

    lol......ok......take care, you're funny and i loved your garden tour post as blog you have and entertaining narrative...


  3. I'm not sure even if we get this show in Canada. Off I go to check to it out. :) -Brenda-

  4. You pretty much got it right...what a mess...

    Thought the Bullard/Osbourne apt was a little boring. Give me tons of cash and I too can give you a nice pad with no personality.

    Glad I'm not married to the blond high drama in JAM's life...

    And yes...Mary is the fav...but, hate her dogs...

  5. I enjoyed the heck out of the show and I almost didn't watch it. Sure there was some contrived drama (the date for Sharon Osborne's installation shifting from two weeks to three days), but there's lots of potential here. Loved getting the inside scoop about the house McDonald decorated here. The house itself was rather underwhelming, wasn't it? Looked like a standard big two-story that would have been torn down and replaced by a mega manse long ago.

  6. I loved the show! I hope you keep blogging about it.

  7. oh i just watched it the first time last night i really love it its so great to see all the beautiful homes and meet the designers some i had not yet known but a few i did hope it stays on the network bravo in its place i watched the beekman boys after they moved to tuesday night cant wait until next week xoxo sherri

  8. Loved this comment from the Television Without Pity thread discussing the show about and this about Martyn Lawrence Bullard:

    "Martyn Lawrence Bullard reminds me of a male Edina Monsoon. This is a good thing"

    Fans of AB Fab will be rolling on the floor about now.

  9. Drama not design & I'm soooo disappointed. Bullards accent is soooo fake. I think he watched Gilligans Island & decided Thurston Howell is his role model & as for the Osborne unimpressed. Who decided t hang the art diectly behind the lamps on the console...go back & you'll see, they're completely hidden. Ridiculous.
    Nathan was my favorite especially when he mnetioned that while not everyone may be able to afford the
    pieces everyone can visit. True professionalism.
    I'll give it another go but I'll have to see more design.
    Have a glorious week.

  10. I had mixed feelings about the show. The gross shallowness (real or edited) was a great disappointment. Of course they are all divas, but a bit over the top for my taste, especially the reaction of Mary M to her client's announcement of divorce -- if it were edited to make Mary look horrifyingly self-absorbed, it worked. Doesn't mean I don't think she's fabulously talented, but really... As for Martyn's accent -- I laughed all the way through the show because he sounded EXACTLY like my South-African diva cousin (a creative director in advertising and very accomplished in his field) -- the phrases, the quips, the "drama, darling" -- all of it. I can tell you (if he is South African, which I don't know), it is as real as it gets. I never thought I would EVER hear someone as dramatic as my male diva cousin, but I have, and I promise you, it's just the way it is -- it's natural, I assure you! LOL. Hope you are well, Artie!

  11. Not sure what i think yet. I think it is because I want to love it because I love design so much and it is fun to see all the designers work. As far as the personalities that are being portrayed, not sure yet, give me three episodes and I will be a better judge. Right now!! Over the top personalities, most seem to camera ready except for Kathryn Ireland she seemed scattered with real life but genius with design life. I like her. Kathysue

  12. Bullard is a bore. He name drops and his Osborne design was uninspired corporate music office. Looked like a Sony VP suite!. Additionally, his blathering on on how his "ruputaaation" would be destroyed should he "nawt" finish the bloody apt. was pur junk. So glad we get to see him with the perv from "girls gone wild" again! But the other designers were fun.

  13. I don't have that show in san diego
    please keep posting
    interesting !

  14. Would love for you to continue your recaps. I saw the show and loved it. Not sure I saw much design but personalitites were flying!!!!

  15. Living down here in Africa, I have not even heard of the show! Any idea where one can at least see the interiors ( if that is what the show is about) Great blog.

  16. I just watched it last night so I'm a little behind all the buzz. The break-out star for me is Kathryn Ireland's maid...or is it the dog that got a shower outside? Nope, it's definitely the maid.

    Mary is a little bit interesting to me and she might grow on me but the Bullard dude cancels everything out. I think I threw up in my mouth.

  17. I didn't care for Mary-loved Kathryn Irleand and Nathan Turner

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