Thursday, June 30, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: My Take Episode 5

I can't believe that we're more than 1/2 way through the 8 slated episodes of our collective guilty pleasure, Million Dollar Decorators. Unfortunately, I forgot to set the DVR to record the show last night, and had to wait until Bravo replayed it at 2:00am this morning. Yes, that's how dedicated I am to bringing you my two cents! So, my question before I get started: Do you think it's getting better as the show goes along!? I sure do!

This time Kathryn. sweet Kathryn who has more patience than I, and obviously more experience dealing with crazy (yes, I just used crazy as a noun); gets her ear fill from Shannon Factor when, after Shannon decides that she's a decorator, turns the project over to her brother-in-law ... who, won't communicate with Kathryn!

Now, I know this is real and not made up! As astonishing as it is to watch, it's nice to see that this happens to world renowned decorators with million dollar budgets, and not just poor little ole' me who gets the crazy calls wanting a whole house redo for a budget of $500. (I'm not kidding!) ... but I digress ... I was happy to see Kathryn tell Shannon that she could essentially go jump off a cliff, that she was in charge, and taking BACK control where it rightfully should have been along!

Shannon, who I think would rather choke herself than give up control, concedes (for this episode anyway) and we move on to watch JAM and Ross have a lovers quarrel over lighting.

... happens to me and Scott ALL the time!

Martyn (MAH-TIN) attempts to pick up yet another CELEBRITEEE client, Daisy Fuentes, (who has her name on a whole line of polyester bedding). She finally gives him the living room before agreeing to the rest of the house, which seems a little odd to me for two reasons:

1. When you have the sort of money that it takes to hire a decorator like Bullard, oh, I'm sorry ... Lawrence-Bullard, you know what they're capable of.
2. THEY ARE FRIENDS!!! Yes peeps, they know each other, and posed all lovey dovey when she was photographed in 2008 at the Greystone Mansion showhouse.

Anyway, my point, (and I do have a point) is that it seems a little sketched for television, don't you think? He finally delivers a product that is essentially off the shelf, and she says, ok - I love it, you can do the rest of the house now?
Cute Nathan Turner hosts a party planned by Susan Feldman, co-founder of One Kings Lane, after they both traveled to India to buy a boat full of interior must haves.  Everyone is mingling, while JAM decides that the fight over lamps is worth finding a new man, and begins to "pick up on cute boys.” I'm really starting to not like JAM ... he reminds me of a person from my past who still makes me grit my teeth!
Overall, great episode. I really got a ton of ideas from the party Nathan and Susan threw, and I kinda liked the room that Martyn did for Daisy, sans the mirror sculpture that cost more than my living room furniture to date. See you Saturday with a little taste of the interior changes around CDLV! I can barely wait!


  1. Love the show, however, JAM is really starting to bother me. He is my least favorite. Mrs. Factor is a dream/horror rolled into one. Endless cash but wants to run the show. My favorite is Nathan. We are not seeing enough of him. Guess he is just to nice and nice doesn't make good TV rankings.
    On another note...cannot wait to see your decor!!

  2. I am so excited that you are going to share the new decor with us!! Computer reminder set for Saturday...
    Thanks to you, i watched the episode I missed and this week's Tuesday evening.. So... I agree with everything you said.. JAM is getting on my nerves.. there is just something that grates. I am so glad Kathryn took control back the way she did. Really.. doing the bumpout wasn't in the deal. Oh gosh. I do think it's getting better. the first show I watched was so helter skelter.. As for the party.. those daisy chains are a must do! I missed the cute poof on OKL by seconds.. I loved it.. but I can make one myself ---- cuter still! Thanks for narrating this journey..
    xo marlis

  3. I'm really tiring of both Ross and this daddy JAM. I thought it was really unprofessional of Ross to diss daddy on television and I thought the lecherous JAM hitting on the bartender was just gross. Meow!

    Still love Kathryn and Jaqueline. The two of them should have their own show!

    I didn't care so much for all of Nate's India stuff but loved the marigold garlands.

    Hated Martyn's Daisy living room. Shocked that he used that Havana image just by blowing it up. I mean, didn't some photographer do that so it's copyrighted? I would have liked to have seen him use that image as an inspiration, not just blow it up.

    Boy, am I a bitch today or what?

  4. I wanted to choke the shit outta Shannon too! She wouldn't SHUT UP and LISTEN!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE MDD's!!!!

    xo Lynda

  5. I think these guys are so cute together, they make me laugh.

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