Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Skirt, or Not To Skirt ... That's the Question

This dining room by the iconic John Saladino, has been on the top of my inspiration pile since I started my mini-renovations here at CDLV. The oval table, skirted so beautifully in three different colors of neutral Belgian linen is the real showpiece of the room, highlighted and complemented by the stunning mural on the back wall. A color story of greys and taupes, it's soft, serene, elegant, and sophisticated - all of the things that a formal dining room should be.

Another triple skirted table, and another stunning dining room. As you can tell, I'm quite fond of the layers. This time in varied shades of solids and stripes, the table is still neutral, timeless. It's not the fabric that stands out, it's the drape ... the silhouette.

Here the full cloth is solid white, and only the cover, which doesn't completely touch the floor is patterned. Now, although I'd ultimately love to have a story of solids like the Saladino table, I happen to have two PERFECT fabrics, one (a heavy linen) the new color of the walls, and another in a mysterious sort of blue gray and olive (a sumptuous pale silk) that I could possibly make work. Neither have enough yardage to do an entire cloth alone, so I suppose it's best they be married like above.

Yet, I love this bold statement, too. A strong color, pulled pulled from the rug and scattered about in accent fabrics around the room, you can't help but notice the table and its draped form. I can't decide whether I need my dining room to have a statement like this, or simply adorn the dining room like the pictures before it.
Here, the pattern is on the bottom and the solid is on top. It's less bold than the other table with the reverse composition, but it's still lovely. I'm starting to be fond of patterns, even as I write this post. Perhaps a pattern, maybe a complementary fabric to the drapes would be the best fit for the small space.

Yes, just like this. Divine inspiration from the "old" Cote de Texas dining room. When Joni decided she didn't want the yellow anymore, she opted for no pattern, but I still find this dining room to be one of the most beautiful in blog-land, and say a little RIP to it now. My drapes are the most beautiful shade of gray blue silk, and I bet I could find a plaid to coordinate, possibly even a stripe.

So the question: to skirt or not to skirt?