Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do you Zhush?

We all say the word, but how do we spell it? Zchoosh? Zhoosh? Zhuzh? Zhush? The process of fluffing, fixing, realigning, and "vignetting" our houses. It's a fun word, to say, spell, and misspell ... try it, and I bet you'll find a way to say it more than once today! But have you ever shopped Zhush?

As you're all aware by now, maybe painfully so, I'm in the process of zhushing my decor at CDLV, and I have two clients (who are as far opposite as you can possibly imagine) that have me shopping for all sorts of fun and quirky things for two completely different spaces. So when I happened upon ZHUSH, I knew I had to share it with all of you!

One of the rooms I'm working on is a teenage girl's bedroom, and when I saw this tray on Zhush, I knew it was perfect for her! Available in LARGE and in SMALL the trays from the Jonathan Adler collection are a great price, and include custom monogramming in either a full name (perhaps a last name, or family name) or initials. Can't you just see this in a bedroom, filled with all those perfume bottles ... or perhaps in your dining room as a bar tray? Available in lots of patterns and color ways, these trays are a wonderful modern touch perfect for 1,000 different uses, really!

The mother of my teenager client is also the mother of two other younger girls, so as you can imagine (many of you being parents or designers, or both) she can't afford to spend thousands on the room of one and pennies on the room of another. So, these trays, full of color and style, oh and completely personalizable, are a great fit for her budget, and something that 'G' can take with her to college, use in her first apartment, and the list goes on really.

Oh, and if you're thinking of using the tray as a serving option, they carry these fabulous coasters, (a set of four) also from the Jonathan Adler line, which you could also have monogrammed.
My other client is looking for a simple zhushing of her formal living room. A little tired of looking at the same ole' same ole', she and her husband have a modest budget to reupholster some gorgeous antique pieces of excellent quality and provenance,  new drapes and blinds, and buy some accessories to complement their non-negotiable must haves.
I'm really thinking that one of these gorgeous stone buddha heads will complement their existing Asian antiques, collected from three trips they've taken to separate parts of the continent over the past 22-years. And while I'm adding a little metallic sheen, why not give this set of brass alchemy trays some thought?
Gorgeous right? Perfect for their large antique English Steamer trunk we'll use as a coffee table. These trays are perfect as quality sculptural pieces, but could also be used as candy dishes, a place for antique rosary beads, or maybe ethiopian prayer beads. In a bedroom they could serve as a place for the daily jewelry you don't sleep with, or even work beautifully in a powder room as a soap dish. (One-wash monogrammed soaps of course!)

Now, you know me well enough to know that I couldn't possibly spend time shopping without seeing things I simply can't live without at CDLV, right? I fell in love with the idea of using this Charcoal Herringbone throw in the living room over the new white sofa.
I love the pattern of herringbone, and the size is fantastic. Hmmm. If I didn't go gray, I could go spicy orange or taupe.
Oh, I am in love with this horseshoe well hook, aren't you? We all know an equestrian who would just jump and down after getting this for a hostess gift, or birthday present, right? I'm not an equestrian, BUT, I do have some beautiful English hunting prints of Red Coat equestrians, (and now that I think about it, so do my antique loving clients) and a collection of these would be a wonderful and artful way of hanging the art, don't you think? A simple silk cord, tied to the hanger and looped over the hook, perhaps a collection of 5 or 7. (Thinking psuedo out loud here, but I think I love it!)

Anyway, absolutely filled with wonderful things for home, office, and gift, Zhush is a must-stop online source when you're looking for the fun, unique, and perfect items to show just how much you like to 'Color Outside the Lines'. Stop over, and tell them I sent you! And if you have a zhush favorite, or have a zhush item you're zhushing into your decor, send me pictures!


  1. Hmm...classy finds! Love the trays.

    Oh,and going back over previous posts...

    I am watching MDD on itunes, so am always an episode or two behind...thanks for the heads up! Comfort Inn!

    And anything by the Howards is amazing. I had not seen photos of the bedroom with the amazing brown pine cone lamps - isn't that a Bunny Wms lamp? guess not...

  2. On a previous post note, that is a Bunny Williams chicken feather lamp in one of Phoebe's bedrooms.

    Sorry, I am a little behind on your posts haha!

    xo Terri

  3. Some excellent finds here Artie!

    Fully appreciate the link as don't know if you Americans experience similar as we Canadians; but 'Google' as of late for some odd reason usually takes us to British or Australian web sites. It is really most annoying as speaking for myself, I wud far prefer to order on line from our Neighbour to the South, so .... THANK YOU for including the source. -Brenda-