Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Betty Lou Phillips

I'm so sorry I'm a little late posting this! Find my explanation, and a great link at the bottom!

She's written a dozen books on design, French and Italian predominantly, and has been bringing the sophistication of European style to design savvy (and high-end) clients throughout the United States. Her website: http://www.bettylouphillips.com/home.htm is filled with so much inspiration. Published in every design magazine imaginable, she continues to design spaces from her Dallas, Texas home-base. Enjoy:

Amazing, yes? Remember you can find more of her rooms on her website here: http://www.bettylouphillips.com/home.htm or on amazon.com in one of her many books!

On another note, I have to share with you something I've started and really believe in. After watching the documentary: fat, sick, and nearly dead, I've started a juice cleanse! My body is extremely grateful, and after dealing with the headaches from the caffeine withdraw, I'm finding it much easier to sleep, and I've lost some weight, too! I highly encourage you to watch the documentary (now available on Netflix Streaming) and check out the website, and hopefully reboot your life!


  1. Hi Artie, what gorgeous images!! I adore her design work!

    I too am taking better care of myself and it is making a difference in the way I feel!

    Art by Karena

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  2. Artie, such gorgeous and elegant interiors!! Good for you Artie, it is important to take care of yourself and you are young enough to make a huge difference in your future,Kathysue