Thursday, July 7, 2011

House Envy: New Orleans Cottage

Magazine Street shop owner, Argentina native, disegno Karina Gentinetta, was featured back in April in a little newspaper called The New York Times, and I am in absolute house envy! Now typically, I'd show you this on Inspiring Spaces Tuesday, but I simply couldn't wait! Take a peak:

Gorgeous right? Not only can you get more eye candy in the 14-image slide show on The New York Times website, but her blog, also has great images of her home, her vignettes, and the pieces she has designed or curates for her store on 1stdibs! How did I miss this one?

What I love most about her home is the story she has for each of her pieces, and the incredible deals she scores. You're not going to believe it!


  1. Wow..just beautiful! I am especially in love with that big area rug in the first picture!

  2. So relaxed and comfortable with found objects and things with meaning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love that place - yes, I saw it in the NYT Home & Garden section, which I religiously read!! It is hard to believe she pulled it together with so many "found" items. That's talent! And as the writer above said, it is nice when things are imbued with so much meaning!

    Terri xo

  4. a million thanks. one of the best places I've seen in a while....donna

  5. Thank you for inspiring me with these beautiful vignettes and interior patterns! -Moss + Mirrors