Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators: My Take Episode 6

Ok, firstly, I want that house in the English countryside that Kathryn was working on this episode. Wasn't it absolutely picture perfect? But for this post I want to focus on the house or rather Taco Bell meets Vegas meets Airport Bathroom meets Hotel Lobby that Mary was showing this episode.

Interesting right? Now, I haven't had much time to sleuth, but I think I heard the woman say 8500 square feet, didn't you? In fact, I checked, and she did say 8500 square feet. So when I found this realtor tour of the house without furniture that said it was 3800 square feet, I thought where is the other 5,000 square feet, and why would you tell a designer that the house was larger than it really was?

I watched the rest of the episode which really should have been called how many ways can Ross style his hair, wondering what would Mary do in that house with that budget?  And I began to day dream about her taking this space:

and make it a Mary McDonald Interiors masterpiece? Let's play shall we?

I figure she'd tear up the carpet, and the existing wood to lay down a new floor which she'd have painted dark charcoal and then layer on a white geometric design atop. Something sorta like this:

Then the stair spindles and railings would be painted a high gloss jet black. Then I think she'd hang this chandelier:
You feelin' it? Anyway while I was dreaming about what she might do, it turns out that Mary didn't take the job, and I don't think that "Drew" bought the house either, seeing as how Zillow shows the last time there was an exchange was 2004. Another "funny" truth after some investigation. Was this a staged event?

Speaking of fake, Martyn and his accent were shopping in London, with the girls from One Kings Lane. I wonder if I'd be able to stomach it, myself. I mean, the idea of shopping beautiful spaces in London for things that I "think" other people might buy is enticing, but with MLB - the draw drops exponentially.

What about you? Would you book the flight knowing that you'd be stuck?