Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TUESDAY: Inspiring Spaces by Martensen Jones Interiors

I sometimes find pictures that I can't immediately find a source for. In fact, it happens a lot. But when I do, as I have today, I like to put them on my Tuesday Inspiring Spaces posts. Back in May, I posted 29 rooms that I had fallen in love with on my 29th birthday. One of those images was this one:

I found the picture on a blog, which they credited to DMagazine, but no credits to the designer. I loved the white sofa, the seagrass rug, the soft blue silk drapes, and the Swedish chair in the corner in front of the window. I craved more photos from this room, even dug through the archives of DMagazine where I found that the house was actually the Dallas home of the designer and her husband. The magazine did a wonderful interview, and showed eleven other photos of the house:

Ok, so are you in love with the chinoiserie handpainted mural as much as I am? I read ... ok, absorbed ... the article. Lisa is a collector of fabulous things, including Indian miniatures, neoclassical creamware, Wedgwood basalt, all things plaster, and ... well, the list goes on. But perhaps the most interesting thing about her own home is that it's filled with collections she acquired almost exclusively at estate sales, flea markets, live auctions, and garage sales. Of course, she mixes in high-end pieces; but it's the mix and the art of it that I find so beautiful, and showcase her true talent.

But she's not alone in her business, in fact, she's got a wonderful partner, and together they make a fabulous team! Lisa co-owns the firm with Jan Jones, with whom she worked when they were both stylists at Neiman Marcus. Together, they've been in creative industry for over 25 years as make-up, fashion, and interior stylists. The eclectic approach of Martensen Jones is classic, contemporary, global, and comfortable which often results in pairing a pedigreed antique with an economical piece. The final product can result in rooms that are timeless, have style and are fresh and personal.

You can view their portfolio here: http://www.martensenjonesinteriors.com/portfolio.html and, please, enjoy the photos above and these below. Enjoy your day!


  1. OH what a lovely house...

    THat happens to me too... a lot!

    Looking for the source/designer of a room I find lovely and interesting. And I tend to spend too much time just going from site to site.

  2. Love her overall use of texture, pattern and colour. IMO her background as a stylist is very evident as the spaces are basically simplistic and uncluttered yet still are appealing and of interest.

  3. Love the lightness of it all even when the colors are deep.

  4. Thank you for the gift of these lovely images ............

  5. oops ... forgot to add, Jar Of Hearts is one of my favorite songs!

  6. What gorgeous spaces! I can see why you fell in love with that first room and I loved many of the later ones with so many ethnic, cultured touches...just amazing!


  7. Way too many beautiful images before 9 am. I LOVE their style so much I'm sick about it. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us.

  8. WOW! So much inspiration. Thanks for sharing these awesome spaces. Ginger