Monday, November 21, 2011

LOVE ... Outdoor Dining Rooms

It's hard to imagine enjoying an outdoor dining room right now, I know - but it doesn't stop me from wanting to! Great tablescape ideas, too! :) Enjoy ...

And for grins, why not take a look back in time to some of the outdoor dining rooms I've created in the garden of CDLV?

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  1. So many pretty images. Its been cold and rainy here in So. Calif. This was a little get away! Thanks

  2. What lovely photos.. so inspiring.. had to pin just a few! xo marlis

  3. Gorgeous images, Artie! I wish I COULD sit outside in any one of those places. It is 34º here today~ugh. Are you still in Texas?

  4. Not to gloat, Artie, but I live in SW Florida, so I can imagine dining outside. I especially love the outdoor dining space from John Saladino's villa. Of course, anything Saladino does is fine with me...and isn't the blue and white draped dining area the one Delores (Vignette Design) designed for her sister-in-law? Love it and the dog. I will keep this post and explore it for ideas I can adopt.
    Thanks and I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. These ideas look amazing! What I actually want to achieve is a mix of sophistication and outdoor freedom by incorporating a dining area with a fireplace. And yes, I checked out some of the outdoor dining areas you’ve created. I just adore that bohemian design! It’s so different from the usual picnic and formal dining styles. It definitely got my attention!