Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Picture is Worth ...

I need a little longer than I expected to get the Christmas tree ready for its close up, but I was able to put together a little mantel vignette for you today, and start back up the "A Picture is Worth ..." series that I know a lot of you really love.

The mantel is so different than years past - simple, and easy. Two different sized french gilded paper mache Christmas trees I found in Texas, along with the existing antique Turkish brass candlesticks find a base of greens, berries, and pine cones in front of my trumeau mirror. It's the only touch of Christmas in the living room, and I find it so refreshing. I hope you will too! More coming soon. 


  1. Wish I could do this glamorous, simple look. Mine just comes across looking like a seven year old kid's work. Could it be because that is who I'm around all day? Wouldn't ever want to move up to an older group, though. Thanks for the eye candy.♥♫

  2. This is a most lovely touch. Refined and classic. I have an affection for the underdone, perfect accessory look you capture so well. xo marlis

  3. Artie, it is really gorgeous. I am finding that this year simple elegance is perfect!

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  4. Very simple and gorgeous - love those trees (paper mache? really?)

  5. Really beautiful Artie, I love the Christmas trees. Such a rich finish - I bet they weren't cheap.

  6. elegant. charming. inspiring. all the things you are my dear. great work.

  7. I can't believe that no one has yet commented about the crown. Where in the world did you get that? I love love love love it!

  8. What a pretty mantle, thank you for your constant inspiration.

  9. It is beautiful, Artie. I love the crown.

  10. I love this look. It's simple and elegant. Is that a crown I see on the right behind the berries? I can't wait to see the rest of your decorating.


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