Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LOVE ... Candlelight


  1. The shimmering glow of candlelight is so romantic!!The portrait in the gold leaf European Art Frame is also mesmerizing!

    Art by Karena

  2. Especially liked the large candle collection on the table below the stairs...various heights, sizes, styles.

  3. Love all those candles...there is nothing like candlelight. I am betting that picture #1's family does NOT have any pets- xo Diana

  4. Wonderful images Artie! So warm and inviting.

    Speaking of candlelight and since you and I both have the same set of candlesticks (the brass, graduated height ones) I used mine this year with a bit of a twist by perching (beaded and sequined) cone shaped trees on them. The tapered (unlighted)candle inside holds the tree in place and the candlestick itself provides the illusion of a decorative trunk. Just thought I would share this with you as you may wish to try it some time. (My trees are all the same size so they can be stacked and easily stored.)

    Wishing you and Scott all the best in the New Year. Many hugs

  5. I have enjoyed your posts this past month, especially this one - Last year I turned to battery operated candles (even tapers!) but now I think I am ready to return to the real thing...and this has inspired me! Happy New Year, friend!

  6. Oh Artie...what beautiful inspiration. I love candlelight, candles, candelabras, candlesticks...LOL Let's just say Im a fan.

    One of my fav photos is the shed with the table and all the candles.

    Lucky 7 Design

  7. Artie, you've done a great job with this "love" series, showcasing the things we all love to find in a home.

  8. Wonderful images- I love that grey facade with the tiny rows of candles lining the front path.

    xo Terri

  9. There is nothing more romantic (and flattering) than beautiful candlelight. Love these images!!