Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Month: Day 26 - Reclaimed

Not everything in a kitchen remodel has to be brand spankin' new. In fact, I think that the more creative you can be about recycling and reusing elements that existed, and/or elements that you find - the more unique and personal your kitchen will be. These kitchens had great examples of reuse - all in their own way - and gave me great inspiration! I hope they'll inspire you too, and have you rummaging through your local reuse center. Enjoy!!

Using an old store counter (readily accessible at most Antique Markets) instead of store bought kitchen cabinets gave this kitchen a vintage feeling with a custom look.

Antique barn planks, oiled for a warm finish, make the perfect material for this custom island. Rolling stainless steel restaurant carts provide beautiful and modern storage for dishes. So. Inspiring.

So European, right? Old wood fruit crates make great, deep drawers in this rustic cabinet constructed from reclaim timers. Love the juxtaposition of the cabinets and the sleek Euro stove.

Who needs cabinets? I mean, how many of us have inherited our grandmothers dining room suites, which always include those giant china cabinets that we can't wait to get rid of? Paint it black and put it in the kitchen!

Shipping Pallets! Can you believe it!? Shipping Pallets!

An old metal warehouse slider makes the perfect pantry door.

An old lunch counter with attached stools makes this gives this kitchen more to look at that just those amazing windows! That was a real find.

Adding heavy duty casters to this old table and painting the legs a sophisticated gray gives this kitchen a rolling island with tons of style. Love the look of this - wish I had the space!

Reclaimed timbers act as open shelving against the tile wall of this kitchen, and are used to build that awesome island! Using reclaimed timbers allows you to have the size you want without being confined to the cabinets off the shelf, or the expense of custom. Save on this, and splurge on counters!

Reclaimed timbers with old metal shelf brackets marry to make those glorious open shelves! Can you imagine how much they saved, and far more beautiful than cabinetry!

Shipping Pallets? AGAIN! This will have you thinking twice about driving past those suckers on the side of the road, won't it?


  1. Can you believe the use of those shipping pallets? WOW! And I love that old sliding door. Those barn planks are wonderful, too. xo Diana

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  2. Loved these kitchens, Artie. I've been trying to define my kitchen design aesthetic today, and I think you nailed it - reclaimed. Also loved the black in some of your kitchens. So toying with the idea of painting my stained cabinets black, but have been afraid to do it.
    Once I paint, it will be forever, no going back to stain then.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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  4. I remember seeing a picture a few years ago of under-counter cabinets that were those red Craftsman rolling toolboxes that you can buy in hardware stores. Not so much reclaimed as repurposed, I guess. But still pretty neat.

    I love the use of old wood in the kitchen, especially the barn planks.

  5. I would love to have the room for that sliding barn door in any room of my house.

  6. Thank you very much. Really enjoying your blog.

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  8. Ohhhh Artie, you made my heart skip a beat with this one! You know this lifestyle is near and dear to me. I hope to introduce this awesome style to my town with displays in the shop.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring as always!

    Lucky 7 Design